COBRA International presents unique composite process and finishing capabilities at JEC World 2023

Cobra International, a leading manufacturer of advanced composite products for the watersports, automotive, marine, and industrial sectors, will highlight the full scope of composite possibilities enabled by its unique manufacturing process and finishing capabilities at JEC World 2023. On the Cobra booth, visitors will be able to see how different aesthetic and material processing options can tailor both the look and performance of composite components selected from all key Cobra market segments.

COBRA International presents unique composite process and finishing capabilities at JEC World 2023

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Masters of carbon look parts present new lower CO2 alternatives
CAC, the automotive business arm of the Cobra Group, will present a range of autoclaved prepreg and forged carbon parts for both structural and cosmetic applications. In addition to Cobra’s trademark visual carbon parts, CAC will also showcase tinted flax, black aramid and carbon glass hybrid options that offer OEMs the opportunity to enhance dielectric properties, improve overall part cost or reduce component CO2 equivalents. Demonstrating the capabilities of CAC’s world-class paint and coating facility, woven and SMC parts will be displayed with matt, satin, gloss and even hybrid body colour and visual carbon options.

Taking the lead in high-volume sustainable composites
Sustainability continues to drive product innovation at Cobra, with natural fibres, bio-based resins and recycled/recyclable materials remaining highly visible on the Cobra booth. Watersports, automotive and industrial components, including a high volume flax fibre composite enclosure for an eMobility charging unit, have all been optimised to make best use of more sustainable materials. Visitors will be able to see fully recyclable windsurf glass fibre and epoxy windsurf fins as well as a concept wingfoil board that up-cycles Cobra’s own SMC and EVA foam production waste to maximise usage of these high value materials.

Watersports boards and components for every performance level
Cobra has been an innovator in watersports since 1978. JEC World water sports exhibits will include:

  • a lightweight surfski with an exposed carbon finish
  • foiling windsurf and eFoil boards
  • a biobased surfboard with a recycled PU core
  • a range of components moulded for Skeeta Boats
  • a new composite steering wheel for Schmitt Marine

Whilst Cobra’s composite sandwich technology is recognised as an industry benchmark, the company will also use a series of eFoil wing components to demonstrate how wet lay-up, press moulding and oven curing processes can be used with a range of EPS, PU and PMI cores to tailor the sandwich component performance and cost to each customer’s requirements.

Bespoke product development coupled with scalable mass-production
Cobra’s Design & Development studio works with clients on a varied mix of components. Examples on show at JEC World 2023 include Essence of Strength’s striking carbon fibre barstool, the Vetal Drone for Hive Ground and an ankle foot orthosis for Elysium Industries. All these projects saw Cobra define and optimise the composite structure and production methodology allowing customers to match customer demand with scalable mass-production.

“Our focus for JEC World 2023 is to show visitors how Cobra can make every composite part into something truly exceptional,” comments Danu Chotikapanich, CEO, Cobra International. “Careful selection of materials, manufacturing processes and visual finish options, combined with Cobra’s 45 years’ of experience with high volume composite production, means we really can create the perfect solution for every component.”  

Meet Cobra at JEC World 2023, hall 6, booth E28.

More information www.cobrainter.com