Composite domes combine the use of natural light and greater thermal comfort

Evolution of skylights, coverings of this type still protect against UV rays and help reduce the electricity bill.

Composite domes combine the use of natural light and greater thermal comfort

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It is not new that architects and designers resort to natural lighting. Ancient Roman builders already designed churches and dwellings with glazed skylights. However, with the advancement of construction technologies, the market now has more practical alternatives, combining sunlight, thermal comfort, and ease of installation.

One of them is the dome. Although they have a similar concept to skylights – allowing light to pass through – domes can offer additional benefits. In the case of those manufactured by Planefibra from Santa Catarina, the overlapping of a colorless upper tile and a milky lower tile, both made of composites, create an air pocket. This element contributes to isolating the environment.

“In addition to offering natural daylight diffusion, which allows for more homogeneous dispersion, our domes significantly reduce the absorption of external heat. This results in more comfort and greater savings in electricity with the air conditioning of the space”, details Valério Heuchling, commercial manager at Planefibra.

Called Termoplan, Planefibra’s dome also has a double layer of polyester film, a material that protects against ultraviolet rays. “At the same time, there is a high passage rate of white light, making the environment more illuminated,” emphasizes Heuchling.

The Planefibra product was launched in 2018, and since then, it has been part of the construction of industrial warehouses, universities, and distribution centers, including in other countries, such as Paraguay and Peru.

“The installation of Termoplan domes is quite simple, as the fixing system is in a high wave, without the need for shims. This feature also provides greater security and tightness to the roof”, adds Planefibra’s commercial manager..

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