Composite integral fuel tank for pressurised hydrogen

A pressurised tank using CompoTechs Advanced Winding technology and targeting Type V linerless technology is being realised.

Composite integral fuel tank for pressurised hydrogen

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The goal of the project is a functional sample of a segment of a non-standard shaped composite tank for gaseous fuels such as hydrogen for use in aviation. This tank will assume integration into the primary structure of the airframe of the Distar Lambáda motor glider (or similar aircraft) and will participate in carrying partial loads from the aerodynamic and mass forces acting on the aircraft.

National Competence Centre for Aeronautics and Space (NaCCAS)
Project No:      TN02000009
Who is funding: Project is co-financed with the support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Schedule of project: 1/2023 – 12/2028

More information www.compotech.com