Cryomotive and Fives enter into a partnership to develop a leading cryogenic pump for truck hydrogen refueling stations

German CleanTech hydrogen mobility startup Cryomotive and French industrial group Fives have signed a Cooperation Agreement to jointly develop and validate a cryogenic pump for generating CRYOGAS hydrogen based on Fives’ cryogenic reciprocating pump technology. The Cryomec Hy-Filling™ pump designed by Fives, will be a key component of future hydrogen refueling stations for long-haul truck and other heavy-duty transport applications.

Cryomotive and Fives enter into a partnership to develop a leading cryogenic pump for truck hydrogen refueling stations

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CRYOGAS, also called cryo-compressed hydrogen gas (CcH2), is a high-density cryogenic compressed hydrogen gas, which can reach densities of 80 kg/m3 and more at pressure levels between 30 MPa and 40 MPa. The CRYOGAS technology offers a higher physical density than liquid hydrogen while being thermally robust since it cannot evaporate. CRYOGAS can be generated by cryogenic compression of liquid hydrogen (LH2) as well as by cryo-cooling of compressed hydrogen gas (GH2). Cryomotive and
Fives target to develop a reciprocating cryogenic pump to compress LH2 with a highflow rate, low footprint and low energy consumption.

A disruptive technology at the heart of future hydrogen truck filling stations Based on agreed performance targets for the future Cryomec Hy-FillingTM CRYOGAS reciprocating pump, Cryomotive’s refueling station will be able to fuel future hydrogen trucks in 10 to 15 minutes with up to 80 kg of CRYOGAS, enabling a 1,000 km drive in a long-haul fuel cell or hydrogen internal combustion engine truck. As a part of Cryomotive’s CRYOGAS hydrogen refueling station, the Cryomec Hy-Filling™ CRYOGAS
pump will open the door for a cost-effective and energy-efficient compact hydrogen filling station, allowing unlimited back-to-back refueling of trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Thomas Funke Cryomotive – Xavier Nicolas Fives – Tobias Brunner Cryomotive – Vincent Pourailly Fives signing development agreement

“Cryomotive’s CcH2 CRYOGAS storage and refueling technology can pave the way for emission-free hydrogen-powered long-haul trucks at par with Diesel in terms of range, refueling time and cost. Fives’ reciprocating cryogenic pump to generate high-density CRYOGAS is a key enabler of future cost-effective hydrogen refueling stations“, emphasized Christiane Heyer, Managing Director and Co-founder of Cryomotive.

“As a worldwide leader in cryogenics, Fives has been at the forefront of hydrogen for decades. We have manufactured more than 8,000 pumps in our workshop in Allschwil, boost green mobility for trucks and heady-duty vehicles.” declared Xavier Nicolas, CEO of Fives Cryomec AG.

Cryomotive Fives new pump station.

“Fives is proud to enter a strategic partnership with Cryomotive in the field of CRYOGAS, and to extend its footprint as a key hydrogen pump technology provider to the industry” added Frédéric Thrum, Deputy General Manager of Fives and President of the Energy Division. This agreement follows our ambition to serve the decarbonization of the industry, providing cutting edge cryogenic equipment along the hydrogen value chain.”

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