Diehl Aviation and 9T Labs present the ECO Bracket

Ultra-lightweight and made of recycled composites, the ECO Bracket cuts weight and cost in half and reduces CO2 emissions. The advanced 3D printing technology also provides excellent mechanical performance.

Diehl Aviation and 9T Labs present the ECO Bracket

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The ECO Bracket is an ultra-lightweight bracket made from a combination of 3D printed carbon elements and recycled thermoplastic composites derived from manufacturing waste. Such brackets are found hundreds of times on board commercial aircraft and are currently made of aluminum. The new ECO Bracket is lighter and made largely from production waste. Thanks to an advanced manufacturing process, the ECO Bracket provides optimal load distribution and combines excellent mechanical performance with cost efficiency. At the same time, the ECO Bracket focuses on environmental sustainability and reduces the CO2 footprint of the component.

The benefits of the ECO Bracket include:

  • 50% weight reduction: The use of lightweight materials and design optimization has halved the weight compared to conventional aluminum brackets.
  • 50% cost savings: Manufacturing costs can also be halved with the same mechanical performance compared to the aluminum solution.
  • Environmentally friendly: By reusing production waste and recycling used components at the end of their life, the ECO Bracket makes a significant contribution to reducing production waste and promoting sustainable production methods.
The ECO Bracket developed by Diehl Aviation and 9T Labs
The ECO Bracket developed by Diehl Aviation and 9T Labs (photo: Diehl Aviation)

In the aviation industry, brackets are used to mount cabin components and systems to the aircraft structure. Traditionally, expensive metal components are used in high-use areas, such as the overhead bins above the seats. The ECO Bracket provides a revolutionary alternative by replacing aluminum with recycled composite materials, significantly reducing both weight and cost.

By reusing production waste and significantly reducing weight compared to the aluminum solution, the ECO Bracket contributes to more eco-efficient aviation – and is also a more cost-effective alternative.

9T Labs and Diehl Aviation will present the ECO Bracket for the first time at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Cover photo: Diehl Aviation

More information www.diehl.com