Enhancing composite finish, fabrication and performance with lightweight nonwovens at JEC World 2024

Developing the next generation of composite materials, TFP, a James Cropper company, is excited to announce its participation at JEC World, the leading international composites show. At booth N40 in hall 5, TFP will showcase a portfolio of lightweight advanced nonwovens. Featuring nonwoven veils as light as 2g/m2, TFP is setting the performance standard for improved finish, enhanced fabrication and superior composites across industries including aerospace and advanced air mobility (AAM), wind energy, automotive applications and sporting goods.

Enhancing composite finish, fabrication and performance with lightweight nonwovens at JEC World 2024

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Advancing the surface finish and function of composite structures

TFP’s range of multifunctional veils deliver superior finish with added functionality, including static dissipation, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Incorporated at the surface of the composite, on top of the structural component, TFP veils are highly porous and feature consistent fibre distribution and weight, ensuring a uniform resin wet out and zero dry spots. Easy to handle and incorporate, the nonwovens minimise print through from the underlying reinforcement reducing the need for further processing of the finished part.

Sectors: Aerospace, AAM, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Electronics, Defence, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Sporting Goods, Wind Energy

Lightweight adhesive carriers with aerospace quality as standard

TFP’s high quality veils have enabled aerospace suppliers to manufacture uniform, resilient and high-quality adhesive films for over 30 years.

TFP’s lightweight nonwovens are accredited to AS 9100 and are used extensively in the aerospace industry as an adhesive carrier or support for a fragile material. In carrier applications they enable rapid, even wet out of adhesive, creating a thin, uniform bond-line; this increases the quality and consistency of the film, whilst the nonwoven architecture also improves the resilience and handling of the final product. The nonwovens are also used in fabrication to stabilise fragile materials and aid processing, an example of which is displayed on the booth at the show.

Sectors: Aerospace, AAM, Automotive, Defence, Industrial, Medical, Sporting Goods

Providing integral lightweight & tunable EMI shielding for composites

Conductive nonwovens protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and ensure control and safety aren’t compromised.

TFP’s veils provide a lightweight, flexible solution for imparting tunable EMI shielding and electrical conductivity to composites. Easy to handle and integrate, they provide consistent conductivity and shielding with minimal additional weight. Proven to provide a high level of shielding to electromagnetic interference from 100MHz up to and beyond 40GHz, TFP veils are used in a range of applications, from medical devices and mobile phones to composite electronics and battery enclosures. Incorporated at the surface of the composite these materials are conformable and resistant to flex fatigue, forming part of the composite structure, rather than being applied after manufacture with additional process steps.

Sectors: Aerospace, AAM, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Defence, Medical

“JEC World is a key date in our events calendar, and we are delighted to be showcasing our portfolio of lightweight nonwovens, along with examples of how they are used in surface finish and carrier applications, on the stand this year,” said Rosemary James, Marketing Manager at TFP. “The show always provides a valuable opportunity for us to connect with industry leaders and partners and help solve some of technical challenges faced in advanced composite design and fabrication.”

Meet TFP at JEC World 2024, hall 5, booth N40.

More information www.tfpglobal.com