Enve Composites and Classified Cycling have officially become partners

Composites and Classified Cycling have just signed a global partnership agreement. The Belgian group, Classified Cycling, will equip several wheels and carbon frames from Enve Composites with its proprietary Powershift technology. The American group, based in Utah, continues its development in the premium segment of the cycling market.

Enve Composites and Classified Cycling have officially become partners

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The American group Enve Composites and Classified Cycling, a company based in Turnhout, Belgium, have concluded a global partnership to combine their expertise in the premium market segment of road and mountain bikes. Specifically, Classified Cycling will offer its proprietary Powershift technology, which allows for significant advancements for cyclists, on the wheels and carbon frames that Enve Composites specialises in.

Enve Composites and Classified Cycling are primarily targeting Europe and the United States

The offering has been available in Europe and the United States since April 17, 2024, with the first deliveries expected in early May. Combining these two advanced technologies naturally comes with a price, with wheelsets ranging from 1,499 euros (Foundation), 2,699 euros (Série G), to 2,999 euros (Série SES). Frame kits are offered starting from 7,699 euros (Melee, MOG, and Fray), and complete bikes, initially only available in the European market, start from 10,899 euros.

Enve Composites manufactures its carbon fibre components at its factory located in Utah

« We consider Enve as the benchmark among high-end bicycle manufacturers, and this partnership exemplifies our ongoing pursuit of innovation and performance in this industry », says Mathias Plouvier, CEO of Classified.

« At Enve, we have always been committed to providing the best performance to our highly demanding cyclist customers. This partnership allows us to add cutting-edge technology to our offering. By combining Classified’s Powershift hub with our carbon components, we are able to promise performance that has been unmatched until now », says Michael Stimola, CEO of Enve Composites. The American company manufactures all of its components at its Ogden factory in Utah. Enve Composites is increasingly making its mark in the industry, being a partner of Team TotalEnergies, cyclist champion Tadej Pogačar, two-time winner of the Tour de France, and the male and female cycling teams of UAE Emirates (United Arab Emirates Team).

Photo : Enve Composites – Melee bike

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