Exel Composites appoints new electrical Product Business Owner

To expand its market share and accelerate the uptake of insulating composites globally across the utility power infrastructure and machinery sectors, composites manufacturer Exel Composites has appointed a new product business owner (PBO) for electrical, Heini Kloster. The move comes at a time when many countries like the USA are funding multi-billion dollar electrical infrastructure updates to update aging transmission lines.

Exel Composites appoints new electrical Product Business Owner

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Kloster has an experienced background in products and systems for electric power distribution and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Tampere University of Technology in Finland. Her technical background and sales experience, working for large corporations like ABB and, most recently, Schneider Electric, means she is well placed to provide the necessary technical expertise and support for Exel’s customers in the electrical sphere. What’s more, she recently graduated with a master’s degree in business development, positioning her well to seek new business opportunities and help Exel expand its market share.

“Throughout my career, I have been the communication link between customers, sales, and R&D personnel, making sure everyone is on the same page with regards to meeting customer needs,” said Kloster. “This is something I’d like to continue at Exel, allowing us to more effectively collaborate with customers to find the best composite solution for their electrical applications. These may be fiber glass insulating rods for low, medium, and high-voltage applications like electrical arrestors, insulating rings for electric motors, or insulating rail joints enabling proper function of railway signaling systems.

“Furthermore, because I can offer technical support with the knowledge from my studies, this will add more value in our customer relationships, as well as open new avenues of opportunity for Exel to expand into growing markets, such as those in the USA and Europe.

“I believe the biggest challenge for our customers in the future will be sustainability. With a major push to implement sustainable business development strategies on the horizon, the earlier we know specifics about what our customers want to achieve, the more efficiently we can offer solutions which meet their sustainability requirements. After all, ensuring a sustainable future is the core of modern business and I’m excited to be a part of this team of forward-thinkers. Exel has some very innovative composites for the electrical market and I’m looking forward to meeting with new and existing customers to see how we can solve their challenges with pultrusion,” continued Kloster.

Exel Composites is world-leading in pultrusion manufacturing, which ensures high-quality, continuous production of long-spooled carbon fiber composites for electrical conductor cores. The company is also well known for delivering fiberglass insulating rods for low, medium, and high-voltage applications, such as electrical arrestors, overhead rod insulators, transformers, and line posts.

“The electrical market is of great strategic importance to Exel, and Heini’s experience in electrical engineering and sales makes her an asset to the global team,” commented Olli Teva, SVP Marketing and Sales at Exel Composites. “Having Heini on the team will help ensure that all our customers, present and future, are well equipped to solve their challenges sustainably using composites.”

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