EXPO-NET will showcase a new infusion processing guide and bioplastic flow meshes at JEC World 2023

EXPO-NET® Danmark A/S will be showcasing a new infusion processing guide and bioplastic resin flow meshes at JEC World 2023.

EXPO-NET will showcase a new infusion processing guide and bioplastic flow meshes at JEC World 2023

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The range of 100% recyclable, extruded thermoplastic resin flow mesh products developed and produced by EXPO-NET are extensively used in composite manufacturing as essential vacuum infusion processing aids; up to four different custom made resin flow mesh grades can be used in specific areas of an infused part to increase productivity and to avoid premature resin hardening and air voids.

Two of EXPO-NET’s latest technical developments are being showcased during JEC World 2023.

  • New vacuum infusion resin flow mesh comparative data

Visitor to the EXPO-NET stand at JEC World this year will be able to see and discuss the new ‘Vacuum Infusion Resin Flow Mesh Technical Processing Guide’. The guide provides comparative data on the different types of EXPO-NET flow mesh grades available – Quick, Medium or Slow. The new processing guide has been developed to better understand the rheological impact of specific flow mesh grade types to match the specific resin grade, laminate design and shape of the FRP part being infused. The data helps customers select the right combination of mesh products in different areas of a mould to optimize vacuum infusion resin flow control, improve process predictability and ensure part quality.

  • New Bio-attributed plastic netting products

EXPO-NET’s R&D team is investigating possible bio-attributed thermoplastic polymer formulations that can be extruded to provide netting and flow mesh products with properties which match the specifications of currently used PE and PP polymer raw materials.  The renewable ‘mass balance’ resource feedstocks being evaluated can be produced from tall oil extracted from kraft pulped Nordic softwoods.   The aim is to develop a new range of sustainable products of equivalent performance that are not only 100% recyclable, but also have a significantly lower carbon footprint.

During JEC World 2023, the EXPO-NET business development team is hoping to meet with companies interested in discussing a possible collaboration to develop bio-attributed resin flow mesh products for their specific market and application needs.

Meet EXPO-NET at JEC World 2023, Hall 5, booth Q56.

More information www.expo-net.com