Fairmat and Decathlon join forces to revolutionize the world of sports with environmentally friendly, high-performance equipment

Fairmat, a leader in the production of low-carbon-impact composite materials, announced a partnership with Decathlon to develop a range of KUIKMA padel rackets. The objective is to use the Fairmat material extensively, starting in 2024.

Fairmat and Decathlon join forces to revolutionize the world of sports with environmentally friendly, high-performance equipment

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This collaboration marks the beginning of the transformation of the composite sports equipment industry, by proposing products that are more respectful of the environment, while maintaining exceptional performance. Their partnership is based on a virtuous production line, integrating recycled carbon composites.

The Fairmat material, with its high performance and low carbon impact, enables production of light, robust and eco-responsible padel rackets. This initiative is in line with Decathlon and Fairmat’s desire to promote a circular economy and to adapt to the current challenges of the scarcity of raw materials.

Beyond padel rackets, the partnership between Fairmat and Decathlon will explore other sporting applications. Together, the companies intend to reduce the environmental footprint of sports equipment and meet the new expectations of consumers.

This collaboration positions Fairmat as a key player in the transition to high-performance, low-carbon sports equipment. The association with Decathlon, recognized for its commitment to the environment and innovation, reinforces the impact of this partnership.

“We are very pleased with this partnership with Decathlon, a world leader in the sports industry. At Fairmat, we are committed to developing high-quality, sustainable sports equipment using high-performance, environmentally friendly composite materials. Partnering with Decathlon will allow us to pool our expertise to create equipment that meets the expectations of today’s athletes, while being more environmentally friendly and durable,” said Benjamin Saada, founder of Fairmat.

Fairmat: Pioneer of French-made, sustainable composite materials, for a greener future
The company is noted for its patented technology for the production of a new, more sustainable material made from carbon fiber composites. These innovative materials integrate recycled composite materials and biosourced resins, offering an eco-responsible solution for sports equipment manufacturers.

Fairmat focuses on research and development to create materials with exceptional mechanical properties. Fairmat’s team of experts works closely with researchers and industry partners to develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sport.

The company is also committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its own activities. It has set up a virtuous production chain with a factory near Nantes, France, to minimize the environmental impact of its production and distribution processes.

Fairmat’s vision goes beyond the sports industry. The company is actively exploring other sectors where its sustainable composite materials could contribute to a greener, circular Economy. These sectors include mobility, connected objects, automotive, high-tech, construction and design.

Thanks to its innovative and eco-responsible approach, Fairmat is establishing itself as a key player in the transition to more environmentally friendly composite solutions for sports equipment.

Guillaume LENCLEN, Manager of the Composite BU at Decathlon spoke about the partnership: “We are delighted to be working with Fairmat to develop the sports equipment of tomorrow. At Decathlon, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products. We are constantly looking for partners who share our values and ambitions, making solutions to our technological challenges possible. We are convinced that the material developed by Fairmat will enable us to create innovative, high-performance and environmentally friendly sports equipment. We are looking forward to pooling our respective know-how to offer our customers high-quality products”.

Meet Fairmat at JEC World 2023, Hall 5, booth E22.

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