Floating into the future: “Blue Nomad” harnesses the power of Bcomp’s ampliTex™ flax fibres

As humanity grapples with climate change and rising sea levels, our collective imagination is more critical than ever. In light of this, Bcomp is thrilled to highlight the phenomenal work initiated by the students from Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St. Gallen and SAGA Space Architects. They’ve developed an extraordinary solution to address the environmental challenges we face: the “Blue Nomad” floating habitat.

Floating into the future: “Blue Nomad” harnesses the power of Bcomp’s ampliTex™ flax fibres

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“Blue Nomad” is a solar-powered home designed for comfortable living on the ocean. It symbolises a future where we must explore and adapt to the changing earth’s environment. Drawing inspiration from the first Polynesian nomadic settlements and equipped with solar panels for self-sustainability, the habitat promotes a vision of living and traveling on water.

Bcomp is particularly excited about the project as the scaled model that was exhibited in London and Monaco prominently features their very own ampliTex™ flax fibres. A plan of building an actual prototype of the floating home is being developed by Institut auf dem Rosenberg and SAGA. It could be made from a structurally optimised weave of flax fibre, showcasing the future of organic and regenerative high-performance materials replacing conventional synthetic and fossil-based technologies. As a company, they are proud to provide sustainable material solutions, and seeing their flax fibres used in such an innovative and meaningful project is both humbling and inspiring.

“Blue Nomad” isn’t just a solitary habitat, but a concept for a new kind of community. Imagined as modular blocks, these habitats can form larger communities and oceanic farms, allowing inhabitants to share resources while moving from one oceanic farm to the next. It’s a striking vision of a future where the lines between land and water blur, and sustainability and community building lie at the heart of human settlements.

But this vision is not just theoretical. Plans are being made for a maiden voyage of ‘Blue Nomad’ across Europe, powered purely by solar energy, promoting ocean sustainability, climatology, and future nomadism.

As Bcomp mission aligns with the promotion of sustainable and regenerative materials in all sectors from mobility to recreational and infrastructure, they are thrilled to be part of such a forward-thinking initiative. This project serves as a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when we unite education, innovative design, and sustainability. The “Blue Nomad” represents the future they envision – a future where sustainable materials play a crucial role in safeguarding our planet.

The “Blue Nomad” project was exhibited at the London Design Biennale 2023 as well as the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge where it was captivating visitors and garnering significant attention from the public.

Photo: Copyright Institut auf dem Rosenberg

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