Flying taxi: China’s HH-100 completes test flight

The HH-100 unmanned transport system demonstrator developed by AVIC Xian Industry Group Company (AVIC XAC) completed its test flight. The  aircraft is in stable condition and has good autonomous taxiing control performance.

Flying taxi: China’s HH-100 completes test flight

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The HH-100 aviation commercial unmanned transportation system consists of an unmanned aerial vehicle platform and a command and control system (ground station). According to AVIC, it has the characteristics of low cost, large tonnage, high payload, and national production. Adopting the development model of “mainframe + supplier + strategic partner”, the airframe structure and system finished products are provided by internal units of AVIC and private enterprises.

The HH-100 aviation commercial unmanned transport system has a maximum take-off weight of 2,000 kg, a payload of 700 kg, a full-load range of 520 km, a maximum cruising speed of 300 km per hour, and a maximum operating altitude of 5,000 m. Its main application scenarios include feeder logistics, forest/grassland fire extinguishing, fire monitoring, transportation and delivery of relief supplies, relay communications and artificial rainfall enhancement, etc.

Cover photo: AVIC

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