“France 2030” investment plan: the French government presents its strategy for industrial and deep tech start-ups

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for Industry, and Cédric O, Minister of State for the Digital Transition and Electronic Communication, have announced the strategy for “Industrial and Deep Tech Start-Ups”, supporting industrialisation of these businesses. The strategy is part of the France 2030 investment plan and in keeping with ambitions to transform the potential for innovation into production capacity – in particular in sectors that are strategic for the ecological and energy transition. It is also fully in line with the ambition to facilitate emergence of players from French soil that will be heavy-hitters on the European and global levels.

“France 2030” investment plan: the French government presents its strategy for industrial and deep tech start-ups

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By supporting innovation through the Investments for the Future Programme (PIA) and the Deep Tech Plan, French state actors have contributed to bringing 1,500 innovative industrial start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SME) to the surface. These businesses, two-thirds of which are located outside of the Ile-de-France economic region that includes Paris, are an asset for the country, notably in terms of innovation, employment and strategic independence on innovative products.

“France 2030” Investment Plan (in french)

However, in spite of their very high potential, only a limited number of start-ups make it to the industrialisation stage after innovation. This is because of administrative and regulatory obstacles, as well as a lack of funding for projects in the industrialisation stage, which is deemed too risky.

This is the backdrop on which the ministers presented the “Industrial and Deep Tech Start-Ups” strategy. With 2.3 billion euros in funding, this strategy focuses on three areas:

  • Funding the industrialisation of innovative start-ups and SME, through a specific plan,
  • Increasing support to facilitate the emergence of Deep Tech companies (275 million euros),
  • Creating a one-stop shop managed by La French Tech dedicated to industrial start-ups in order to facilitate access to State-sponsored support programmes and information on available public funding.

The One-Stop Shop can be accessed here (in french): Guichet French Tech Start-up Industrielles – La French Tech

Learn more about the “France 2030” investment plan here (in english).

More information www.economie.gouv.fr