Gatron signs contract with Alstom

Brazilian company Gatron, a manufacturer of composite parts, signed another contract to supply seats for 22 Alstom-manufactured trains. The trains will be part of Line 6-Orange of the São Paulo subway.

Gatron signs contract with Alstom

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The manual lamination process will produce 11,880 seats in total. “This technology was chosen to meet flame retardancy and smoke suppression standards specific to metro rail applications,” says Camila Scarmin, commercial and marketing director at Gatron. As it contains many additives, such as alumina trihydrate, the resin for this type of application is very viscous, making it impossible to inject into the mold using a vacuum.

Another parallel project between Gatron and Alstom is the production of 70 masks for 35 trains that will be exported to Taiwan—the Wanda Zhonghe Shulin Line, which will connect the city of Taipei to New Taipei. Scheduled to be completed in 2026, the supply is also based on manual composite lamination.

The relationship between Gatron and Alstom began in mid-2022 when the composites manufacturer was chosen to produce more than 7,500 parts for the trains that the French manufacturer supplied to ViaMobilidade – which run on Lines 8 and 9 of São Paulo’s metropolitan trains.

In addition to 72 masks and an equal number of cabins and driver desks, Gatron manufactured around 4 thousand composite panels.

The highlight was the record time in which we manufactured the masks.” Camila recalls that from scratch to the first pieces delivered to the customer, it only took 120 days. This was only possible thanks to the expertise of Gatron’s molds, engineering, processes, and laboratory areas. “On the market, a supply of this type would take something close to six months,” she estimates.

About Gatron

Founded in 1989 in the city of São José dos Pinhais (Brazil), Gatron is a company specialising in developing solutions by manufaturing composite materials and engineering plastics. With a strong presence in the wind energy generation, agricultural, road implements, architecture, and automotive sectors, Gatron operates in all stages of projects, from conception and modelling to execution, finishing, and installation.

Cover photo: Camila Scarmin, commercial and marketing director at Gatron.

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