Graphene Flagship composite materials innovations to be exhibited at JEC World 2023

Their project will showcase the exciting applications of graphene composites at JEC World, which will take place from 25 April to 27 April 2023 in Paris.

Graphene Flagship composite materials innovations to be exhibited at JEC World 2023

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Graphene composites have plenty to offer industry. As well as being the world’s strongest known material, graphene is highly flexible, conductive and transparent. When incorporated into composite materials, it is capable of reinforcing these composites with its own attributes.

The Graphene Flagship, which is dedicated to taking graphene innovation out of labs and into commercial applications, will highlight its partners’ latest innovations in graphene composites at JEC World. Between 25 April and 27 April 2023, this event – which will take place in Paris-Nord Villepinte – will bring together professionals from research, business and government within the context of the composite materials industry.

Composite materials – such as graphene composites – offer benefits and opportunities to markets and sectors as varied as aerospace, electronics, defence, medical, infrastructure, sports and renewable energy.
The Graphene Flagship has long recognised the immense potential present in graphene composites. At JEC World 2023, they look forward to introducing individuals and organisations to a selection of exiting products and prototypes developed by their partners, which showcase graphene composites’ many possibilities. These demos include:

  • Nanografen’s Front End Carrier (FEC) – an automotive part. Turkish nanotechnology R&D Nanografen produces high-quality graphene and develops graphene-based applications. It also provides technical consultancy regarding the development of graphene-based composites. The FEC is the structural panel which closes the engine compartment and supports the fixed components inside a vehicle. Graphene obtained from pyrolyzed waste tire is used as a reinforcing and nucleating agent to reduce glass fiber content in the serial part without any additional process. This innovation reduces the panel’s weight and improves it mechanically.
  • The Graphene Flagship’s GICE spearhead project, led by Graphene Flagship partner Airbus, is developing an ice protection system for aircraft that benefits from graphene’s unique thermoelectric properties – it generates heat with little power input, all while being easily incorporated into flexible plastic composites.
  • Spearhead project AeroGRaFT, led by Lufthansa, is working on new filter units that will improve the air quality of aircraft and spacecraft. In this case, graphene enables self-cleaning functionalities, as well as additional sensing and monitoring of environmental conditions during operation.
  • Led by partner Medica, the GRAPHIL spearhead project is developing compact water filters based on graphene. The addition of graphene can remove emerging contaminants like antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, drugs and many different compounds from water.

Meet Graphene Flagship at JEC World 2023, hall 5, booth M75.

More information www.graphene-flagship.eu