Helicoid Industries Inc. signs license agreement with Sports Maska Inc. for new sporting goods products

Helicoid Industries Inc. is proud to announce the signing of a license agreement with Sports Maska Inc., doing business as CCM Hockey.

Helicoid Industries Inc. signs license agreement with Sports Maska Inc. for new sporting goods products

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Following an extensive phase of development and testing, this collaboration will offer new ice-hockey sticks to players providing unprecedented performance and longevity under repeated high-impacts. This is the first step in a long-term partnership with the global leading ice hockey equipment company. The first products with the patented Helicoid® technology are scheduled to be released by CCM later in 2023.

The Helicoid® technology consists of layers of aligned fibres which are stacked up with a progressive change in fiber orientation which leads to a helicoidal shape. Under impact, the architecture steers and controls crack growth that allows the structure to dissipate energy while preventing catastrophic failure, resulting in high damage resistance and structural integrity.

Chad Wasilenkoff, CEO of Helicoid Industries states, “we are excited to partner with a global leading brand such as CCM hockey to deliver what we believe will be the highest performing and safest ice-hockey products available on the market. This multi-year commitment will help demonstrate the benefits of our Helicoid® technology in a sport that is known for being fast-paced and resulting in high-impact occurrences. We look to leverage this success as we roll our technology into other sports equipment applications in the coming years.”

Mathieu Gatien, Senior Product Manager of Sticks states, “CCM is excited to partner with Helicoid Industries to bring a new level of performance and durability to the ice hockey sticks’ market. By successfully introducing the Helicoid® technology in our upcoming products, we are able to improve the longevity of our sticks, which translates into keeping superior shooting performance over a longer period of time. The feedback received from our testers has been formidable and we are looking forward to bringing this innovation to hockey players all over the world.”

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