Hexcel’s carbon fibre composite material waste will be recycled by Fairmat

Hexcel Corporation and Fairmat announced today a 10-year agreement to recycle carbon fibre composite materials from Hexcel Salt Lake City for reuse in composite materials sold into various commercial markets.

Hexcel’s carbon fibre composite material waste will be recycled by Fairmat

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Fairmat, a leading international carbon fibre recycler and material manufacturing company, recently opened its new 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art recycling facility near the Hexcel Salt Lake City site, which is home to the largest high-performance carbon fibre manufacturing facility in North America. Under the agreement between both companies, Fairmat will recycle Hexcel composite material scrap at their new site.

Similar to the successful collaboration established previously with Hexcel composite material manufacturing sites in Europe, this agreement underscores both companies’ dedication to sustainable solutions and long-term collaboration.

This is a significant stride toward advancing sustainability in our carbon fibre industry,” said Benjamin Saada, Founder and CEO, Fairmat. “With our new state-of-the-art Utah facility, office and the U.S. leadership team in place, we are ready to work closely with Hexcel Corporation, which is equally committed to reducing waste and bringing sustainable solutions to market.”

The Hexcel team is eager to expand its existing relationship with Fairmat in the U.S. at its Salt Lake City manufacturing site, according to Philippe Chevrier, President – Americas & Global Fibers, Hexcel.

Hexcel is strongly committed to responsible environmental stewardship, not only by reducing carbon emissions through the use of our lightweight composite materials on commercial aircraft, but also by reducing landfill waste of scrap materials,” he said. “Hexcel has a robust carbon fibre recycling program in place, and this latest agreement with Fairmat to recycle composite materials expands our efforts and bolsters our shared commitment to sustainability.”

Hexcel has established several long-term sustainability goals and targets to be achieved by 2030, including a reduction of 30% of waste to landfill.

Cover photo: Fairmat – Carbon fibre recycling.

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