HRC joins hands with CCIC to build the “Green Composite Materials Technology Joint Research Center”

HRC, major provider of comprehensive solutions for composite materials, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yangtze River Delta Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials Technology Innovation Center (CCIC) to establish a “Green Composite Materials Technology Joint Research Center”. The research center will be operational at the same time in Changzhou and Changshu, in China’s Jiangsu province, and will carry out technology research and development, product innovation, advanced application and market development of green composite materials in aerospace, automobile, wind power and other fields.

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CCIC is jointly formed by Changzhou Municipal People’s Government, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Changzhou National High-tech Zone Management Committee. The center focuses on the industrial application of carbon fiber and composite materials in strategic fields such as aerospace, clean energy, advanced engineering, and rail transit.

After the signing ceremony, HRC representatives accompanied the CCIC executives to visit the HRC Group exhibition hall and ACTC (Advanced Composite Technology Center) trial production center.

The research and large-scale promotion of green composite material technology are highly in line with China’s requirements for high-quality industrial development. HRC and CCIC will use their respective advantages to create complementary resources and fully utilize the synergistic effect of  green composite materials innovation chain, industrial chain and supply chain.

By carrying out practical and specific cooperation projects, the two parties will gather more  partners in the industry to provide technology supply for the sustainable development of new energies and other industries with new materials.

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