IDEKO will showcase at JEC World 2023 its latest advances for automated manufacture composites parts

IDEKO will exhibit two parts, one made of carbon fiber and another one in fiberglass. In this respect, IDEKO has developed sustainable and efficient processes for their manufacture, boosting the incorporation of composites, thus reducing the weight of the vehicle and minimizing the environmental impact of transportation.

IDEKO will showcase at JEC World 2023 its latest advances for automated manufacture composites parts

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Achieving more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation is one of the main objectives of the industry. In this mission, research and development of composites play a key role for strategic sectors such as aerospace or railway, as they contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere at a competitive cost.

These composite materials offer high tensile, compressive or impact strength. In addition, they stand out, among other properties, for their lightweight nature, a characteristic that makes composites great allies for developing solutions in areas such as sustainable transportation or mobility and enables the transition towards greener vehicles.

In this scenario, the research center IDEKO, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), a reference in research, design and development of manufacturing processes for composite materials, will have a prominent participation at JEC World 2023, the main European composites fair to be held from April 25 to 27 in Paris.

IDEKO will present its latest technological innovations in the field of composites, in its stand, located in AEMAC Spanish Association of Composite Materials pavilion (Hall 6, G86).
In particular, they will be sharing two pieces, one made of carbon fiber and one made of fiberglass.

  • The first one, that can be seen at their stand, is a carbon fiber part for aeronautical Industry, made by ADMPⓇ technology and designed to optimize the manufacturing process.
  • The second one is an innovation of IDEKO that will be showcased in the “Mobility Planet”, next to AEMAC Pavilion, and that seeks to improve the automated manufacturing processes of parts for the railway sector. This solution consists of fiberglass part that has been manufactured by a rapid process based on the UV-cured pre-impregnated fabrics.

These processes have great benefits for industry. As stated by “Thanks to the integration of this UV curing technology, the components are provided with higher quality and homogeneity and manufacturing costs and times are reduced around 30% and 60% respectively”, states Javier Vallejo, project manager of the research group manufacturing processes of IDEKO.

These new processes are complemented by high-precision robotic machining and assembly solutions and 3D vision systems for the monitoring, measuring and inspection of all types of components and tools.
Both parts have been manufactured using automated, sustainable and efficient processes, which improve the quality of materials, reduce the weight of vehicles and mitigate the impact of transport on the environment.

By incorporating artificial intelligence and digitized technologies, complex manual processes are eliminated and high costs related to design and materials are minimized.

Materials with enhanced performance and reduced weight
IDEKO has over a decade of experience dedicated to the research of these materials and has become a reference in the development of new automated manufacturing processes, including the manufacture of equipment, sensorization and monitoring, as well as in the synthesis and formulation of new resins.

The research center specializes in advanced processes based on multiaxial carbon fabrics, mainly in NCFs (Non-Crimped Fabrics), such as dry fabrics performing processes combined with liquid moulding.
These processes offer great advantages in cost savings and environmental impact, as they do not require refrigeration of material or autoclave. In addition, it facilitates the integration of complex structures from basic preforms, achieving weight reductions and improving mechanical performance for the industry.

To continue researching, innovating and developing solutions in this area, IDEKO has a laboratory in its facilities in Elgoibar, focused on the study and improvement of the manufacturing processes of composite parts. Likewise, at Itziar premises, has a high-capacity automatic lamination ADMP demonstration cell that opens up new technical possibilities and new business models by offering the opportunity to test these processes in large demonstrators for the aeronautical sector.

Meet IDEKO Research Center at JEC World 2023, hall 6, booth G86.

More information www.ideko.es