Innovative thermoplastic composites solutions unveiled by svimsold® at JEC World 2024

svismold®, a leading innovator in the development and production of tailored thermoplastic composites solutions, is set to showcase its cutting-edge offerings at the JEC World 2024 in Paris.

Innovative thermoplastic composites solutions unveiled by svimsold® at JEC World 2024

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svismold® specializes in crafting high-end thermoplastic composites solutions designed for diverse applications, with a primary focus on the sports industry. The company is renowned for its commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible incomposite materials. The company will be exhibiting at JEC World 2024 under its brand, showing groundbreaking solutions that demonstrate the intersection of technology, performance, and sustainability.

Key highlights

Tailored Solutions: svismold’s showcase will feature individualized thermoplastic composites solutions, tailored to meet the unique demands of the sports industry. These solutions are also adaptable for various technical applications.

Innovated Perfection: svismold® develops unique solutions and ensures highest quality. With FEM analysis the company test the possibilities and materials for perfectly fitting solutions.

Sustainability Focus: svismold® remains committed to sustainable practices. Learn about the company’s initiatives to minimize environmental impact while delivering top-notch performance in composite materials. They offer solutions with natural and sustainable materials for a better future.

Serial Production: svismold® offers not only unique parts tailored to their customer’s needs, but they also produce in serial. Therefore, material and time can be efficiently used. At the heart of svismold’s showcase are its individually tailored thermoplastic composites solutions. These solutions, meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of the customer, exemplify the company’s commitment to pushing the envelope in thermoplastic composite parts. From lightweight components to advanced structural elements, svismold’s offerings showcase a perfect blend of innovation and functionality.

Technical Versatility: While svismold® has carved a significant niche in the sports industry, the company’s technical expertise extends far beyond the athletic arena. The versatility of svismold’s solutions makes them applicable to a myriad of technical sectors. Whether it’s aerospace, automotive, or any other industry seeking advanced composite materials, svismold® has the expertise to addressdiverse challenges and opportunities.

Meet svismold® at JEC World 2024, at the Composite united booth. hall 6, booth P24.

More information www.svismold.ch