Introducing TeXtreme® 360°: A revolutionary advancement in composite materials

Market leading Spread Tow thin ply brand, TeXtreme takes a significant leap towards innovation and performance enhancement, by proudly introducing TeXtreme® 360°. TeXtreme® 360° is groundbreaking tape-based Discontinuous Fibre Composite (DFC) that is set to redefine the standards of strength, versatility, and innovation in the world of composite materials engineering.

Introducing TeXtreme® 360°: A revolutionary advancement in composite materials

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Crafted with precision from ultra-thin TeXtreme® Spread Tow Tapes and partially impregnated with an epoxy matrix, TeXtreme® 360° exemplifies advanced engineering. This groundbreaking composite material ensures superior performance, positioning itself as a game-changer in the industry. Demonstrating exceptional strength, stiffness, and fatigue performance, TeXtreme® 360° emerges as a superior alternative to traditional metal alloys and continuous fibre composites, unlocking new possibilities across a wide range of applications.

The limitless flexibility of TeXtreme 360° enables manufacturers to shape it to their specifications, without compromising an ultra-light and ultra-thin design.”, Fredrik Ohlsson, Product Development Director, Oxeon.

Close-up of TeXtreme® 360°

TeXtreme® 360°, transcends the constraints of traditional Sheet Molding Compounds. Its unmatched performance, coupled with design flexibility and processing capabilities, gives way for unprecedented freedom in design. Engineered specifically for press forming and press molding processes at intermediate pressure levels, TeXtreme® 360° excels in molding applications, offering precision and reliability for manufacturing processes.

Close-up of TeXtreme® 360°

Seamless integration is at the core of TeXtreme® 360°, allowing it to be seamlessly co-cured with other prepreg materials. This cohesive and integrated solution enhances composite manufacturing processes, providing a seamless user experience. TeXtreme® 360° is also available in a non-impregnated variant using TeXtreme dry Spread-Tow tapes, a sustainable alternative that does not sacrifice performance.

Flexibility of TeXtreme® 360°

The TeXtreme® 360° will be displayed at JEC World 2024, hall 6, booth E13.

More information www.textreme.com