Investing in BPREG, Kordsa expands its advanced materials capabilities into biocomposites

Kordsa, a global player in the tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies markets, has invested in BPREG, a company developing industrial biocomposites using organic fibres. This investment, a testament to its sustainability approach, aims to extend Kordsa’s pioneership in advanced materials to the biocomposite market, offering environmentally friendly alternatives to its customers.

Investing in BPREG, Kordsa expands its advanced materials capabilities into biocomposites

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Kordsa, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding, has successfully concluded a significant investment aimed at further enhancing its expertise in composite technologies. Kordsa invested in BPREG, a Turkey-based sustainable advanced materials company established in 2017, specializing in natural fibre-reinforced industrial biocomposites and providing eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic composites.

Kordsa’s investment in BPREG will not only contribute to the company’s growth but also open up opportunities to share knowledge and technology expertise both domestically and internationally. Kordsa production facilities, capable of hosting BPREG’s mass production processes, will enable the global offering of BPREG’s product portfolio to Kordsa’s customers in various parts of the world. BPREG’s biocomposite solutions, spanning different sectors such as automotive, mobility, aviation, sports equipment, and consumer products, will not only reduce the carbon footprint in product/part manufacturing but also provide high performance and lightweighting, accelerating the transition to sustainable materials. The biocomposite materials produced through the BPREG & Kordsa collaboration also promise a natural appearance, making them suitable for aesthetic applications on external surfaces.

Obtained using organic fibres

BPREG combines products obtained from organic fibres with different polymers through a patented production technique, resulting in high-performance, sustainable, and industrially user-friendly composite materials. BPREG’s biocomposite materials find applications across a wide range of industries such as automotive, yachts, marine vehicles, sports equipment, aviation, and consumer products. By enabling sustainable product/part manufacturing without compromising on high performance and lightweighting requirements in these application areas, BPREG remains in line with the industry’s price expectations as well.

Low carbon emissions

Organic fibres are highly suitable for biocomposites due to their versatile farming and robust products. Organic fibres not only absorb carbon from the air and convert it into oxygen but are also highly suitable for drought-resistant crops. Industrial biocomposites derived from organic fibres used for non-food consumption show similar performance in terms of lightweight and mechanical properties compared to synthetic composites, but with much lower carbon emissions compared to these products.

Recently, biocomposite technologies, attracting attention from globally renowned companies in various industries, especially automotive, are expected to be one of the rapidly growing and successful sectors in the coming years.

“Our sustainability approaches align perfectly”

Remarking that with the BPREG investment, they will be adding yet another dimension to their expertise in composite Technologies, Kordsa CEO İbrahim Özgür Yıldırım stated: “At Kordsa, every step of our journey which stated in 1973, has been guided by a commitment to make a positive impact on the world. While we have been creating value for our customers for 50 years, we have also pioneered sustainable and purpose-driven development within the ecosystem. Through our collaborations in this ecosystem, we contribute to the economy of the country, including entrepreneurs, and we pave the way for new ideas. Today, our mission, defined as ‘Reinforcing Life,’ goes beyond simply providing our customers with the most durable products. It also involves developing sustainable technologies for our customers while prioritizing the green transformation of our business processes in collaboration with global platforms such as CDP and SBTi. In other words, we are taking responsibility for the future of our world and humanity. BPREG, aims to be part of the green transformation of major production industries with natural fibre-reinforced advanced composites, aligns perfectly with Kordsa’s approach. We are delighted to be a part of BPREG’s global growth story, and we share their commitment towards a sustainable future.”

“We continue to serve as a bridge between Turkey and the world”

Added that this investment would be a significant advocate of Sabancı Group Purpose, defined as “We unite Turkey and the World, for a sustainable life with leading enterprises”, he continued: “Our investment in BPREG serves a dual purpose: supporting sustainability initiatives and fostering the global reach of Turkish technology. In the near future, products obtained from organic fibres, sourced from local producers in Turkey, will be made available to the customer portfolio of the world’s largest companies through the synergy of BPREG and Kordsa. This will open a new chapter in our mission to serve as a bridge between Turkey and the world.

BPREG was one of the 8 selected start-ups that earned investment through the ‘Sabancı ARF Almost Ready to Fly’ program, initiated by Sabancı Holding in 2022 and culminating in the graduation of its first cohort in recent months.

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