MAE Spa will design and build plants for PAN precursor in China

This initiative, supported by UniCredit, will allow the Piacenza company to carry out a contract in China for a total of 73.5 million euros, for the construction of plants dedicated to the production of carbon fiber.

MAE Spa will design and build plants for PAN precursor in China

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MAE Spa is a market leader in the design, construction and installation of high-tech systems aimed at the production of special chemical fibers. The company has a strong propensity to export and internationalization, in fact, the 2019 export share covers over 95% of the turnover with the main markets of the year i.e. China, Russia and Finland. 

Paola Rovellini, CFO of MAE S.p.A., says:
“We are very happy with this new and important order that comes from a market in which we invested and bet many years ago. It’s a new detail confirming MAE Spa as a primary and qualified interlocutor in a continuously growing market niche. We are proud to be able to export a made in Italy technology with high added value, recognized by all the main world players. A growth that focuses strongly on Italy: although present on markets all over the world we have very strong roots in the Italian territory and Piacenza in particular.” 

To support Asian orders covering about 50% of revenues, MAE Spa created in 2005 its own operating branch in Shanghai. It is currently a leader in the design, construction and installation of plants and equipment for the production of the special acrylic fiber used as a precursor of carbon fiber, as well as its carbonization.

Andrea Burchi, Regional Manager of Centro Nord UniCredit, added:
“UniCredit confirms its position as a reference partner for companies in the implementation of important export-related operations, promoting the success of the excellence of Made in Italy worldwide. We are excited to support a historical reality such as the Piacenza’s MAE Spa, successfully engaged in a quality path in the sign of the innovation begun in 1968, that has allowed the Company to conquer important positions on the foreign markets. We are convinced that international development is strategic for the country’s economy requiring a specific approach and tools that our group ensures. This transaction attests the UniCredit’s commitment to supporting companies in expanding their activities abroad in a personalised way and through the most advanced solutions and channels”.

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