Metyx has introduced a brand new web-based application that will make laminate calculations easier

METYCALC is Metyx’s application for the design of laminated composite constructions. This program supports composite engineers in achieve estimated goals of stiffness, strength, and weight to a particular laminate design for their application.

Metyx has introduced a brand new web-based application that will make laminate calculations easier

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Engineering estimates that are generated by METYCALC are based on engineering principles and empirical data and can be useful for approximate sizing of composite laminates and for comparing various composite laminate designs.

The application has the ability to review beam bending calculations using a variety of boundary conditions and load configurations;
• SS Ends – Center Load
• SS Ends – 4-Point Bend
• SS Ends – Uniform Loading
• Clamped Ends – Center Load
• Clamped Ends – Uniform Load
• Cantilevered – End (tip) Load
• Cantilevered – Uniform Loading

Any composite material application with requirements for critical performance and safety must be verified through mainstream engineering and development approach, such as final laminate testing through ISO/ASTM test standards which should be used to complement this design tool.

Core materials, for sandwich laminate constructions, include facing details such as grooves, perforations, etc. for which resin absorption is taken into consideration to provide a more accurate result with respect to overall laminate weight.

METYCALC also helps speed production and reduce labor by showing how different material selections can change the process as well as reveals cost-effective solutions to optimize the number of layers needed to meet the design goals .

METYCALC is a powerful application that is free to use and is user-friendly. Metyx presents this to the industry as a value-added support tool which will facilitate evaluating a variety design solutions.

This application can be accessed via www.metyx.com/metycalc.

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