New Bcomp materials for Italdesign Quintessenza™ concept car

Bcomp featured in the Italdesign Quintessenza™, which reflects a harmonious relationship between nature and technology, was unveiled at the 2024 Auto China in Beijing.

New Bcomp materials for Italdesign Quintessenza™ concept car

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Bcomp is proud to announce its support on the new Italdesign Quintessenza™, a groundbreaking concept car unveiled at the 2024 Auto China in Beijing. Reflecting the harmonious relationship between nature and technology, the all-electric Quintessenza™ offers a unique and visionary blend of the functionality of a load-bearing pick-up and the dynamism of a GT-inspired family sports vehicle. The architectural concept breaks new ground in the automotive industry, as does its focus on the use of sustainable materials and finishes with the integration of Bcomp’s natural fibre composites across both its interior finishes and exterior body parts.

The joint activities of the prestigious automotive design and engineering firm Italdesign and the global leader in natural fibre composites, Bcomp, enabled the exploration ofhow technology can elevate natural materials into innovative high-performance applications that have the potential to resonate with drivers. Italdesign, with its extensive history in design, engineering and technological innovation for legacy OEMs and custom manufacturers, led this joining of minds in replacing conventional plastics and carbon fibre with Bcomp’s cutting-edge sustainable flax fibre-based materials.

Bcomp Quintessenza details
Details from the Quintessenza concept car

The Quintessenza™ is the world’s first vehicle to feature black-tinted NF (natural fibre) as a visual layer, showcasing Bcomp’s commitment to innovation. The interior design includes a foundational layer of ampliTex™ biaxial fabric combined with a layer of black-tinted NF. This advanced natural fibre composite, developed through a customised process that infuses the ampliTex™ fabric with a custom black resin, not only offers a durable and visually appealing surface finish but also facilitates the recycling process through its monomaterial composition. Implemented across the seat backrests, backseat panels and door panel inserts, this dual-layered approach enhances the vehicle aesthetically while also establishing new benchmarks in sustainable automotive design.

The concept car also uses ampliTex™ material for several exterior parts, the front and back bumpers, the side rocker covers and the wheel arches. Not only does this enhance the vehicle’s striking appearance and cut CO2 emissions by up to 85%, compared to carbon fibre, but as parts reach their end-of-life, natural fibre components can be efficiently processed through waste-to-energy plants, serving as a renewable energy source and avoiding the landfill route of carbon and glass fibres.

Quintessenza details
Other details from the Quintessenza car

The Italdesign CMF (Colour, Materials, Finish) team selected these materials not just for their functional benefits but also for their superior aesthetic qualities. They carefully considered the visual, tactile, and environmental impact of each material choice, ensuring that each component of the Quintessenza™ not only meets but exceeds the standards of luxury and sustainability.

The collaboration with Italdesign represents a pivotal milestone in automotive engineering and design, where CMF excellence takes center stage,” said Nicolas Samson, Senior Sales Manager Automotive Interior, of Bcomp. “Our shared commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology has culminated in the Quintessenza™, a vehicle that not only promises next-level performance but also offers a driving experience that feels in tune with nature, all while showcasing the unparalleled aesthetic qualities of our natural fibre-based materials.

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