Norplex launches Norplex Advanced Composites

Norplex celebrates the launch of Norplex Advanced Composites, with the opening of a state-of-the-art manufacturing center which will expand its capabilities to offer advanced prepregs that provide cost effective composite solutions for mid- and high-volume applications.

Norplex launches Norplex Advanced Composites

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Norplex Advanced Composites begins with a product portfolio that includes fabric and unidirectional glass epoxy prepregs; EnableX™, a prepreg molding system; and NorPLY™, a line of fatigue resistant laminates. These products, as well as its material development and characterization capabilities, position Norplex Advanced Composites for a highly collaborative partnership with OEMs, Tier 1s, and fabricators in the Transportation, Sporting Goods and Recreation, Renewable Energy, Medical, Industrial, and Aerospace markets.

Tom Merrell, President of Norplex says:
“We’re excited to be stepping into the Advanced Composites sector as part of our long-term commitment to market development and business growth for all of our stakeholders. And we’re proud to be opening this new location in Manhattan where the collaboration with the community has been outstanding.”

The new 32,000 square foot facility in Manhattan, Montana houses a custom-built direct impregnation hot melt prepreg line with the capabilities to run various fabrics and unidirectional rovings and the ability to offer a range of diverse chemistries. These new capabilities build upon the traditional solvent-based prepregs produced today in Norplex’s Postville, Iowa plant. “With Norplex Advanced Composites we are expanding our manufacturing capabilities to offer a proven and growing line of advanced prepregs that provide cost-effective composite solutions. We look forward to collaborating with customers on how we can help unlock opportunities through these materials and technologies ,” says Denny Ford, Vice President. Established to deliver the speed and agility of a start-up venture, Norplex Advanced Composites also draws upon a long and rich history of composites leadership. Norplex-Micarta, it’s sister organization, remains the market leader in high performance thermoset composite materials based on impregnation and lamination technology.

Within the next three years, the organization plans to bring 30 jobs to the area and drive much of its material research and development effort out of the new facility. Through its investment in added capacity, the latest manufacturing technology, and a growing team, Norplex Advanced Composites is committed to being a positive growth partner in the advanced composites market and the local community.

More information www.norplexadvanced.com