Plastic Omnium is now OPmobility

By becoming OPmobility, Plastic Omnium turns a new page in its history and confirms the acceleration of its strategic transformation as a leading player in sustainable and connected mobility.

Plastic Omnium is now OPmobility

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In just a few years, Plastic Omnium has implemented an ambitious strategic roadmap leading the  Group to diversify its activities through major acquisitions, and to enlarge its customer portfolio and  geographical footprint. With now five business groups as well as a software dedicated activity,  OPmobility is expanding all over the world, extending its customer base to all mobility players. 

This far-reaching transformation has led Plastic Omnium into becoming OPmobility. The new name  is an affirmation of its fundamental principles as an agile industrial Group, close to its customers  and taking bold technological choices to drive mobility. 

Conveying an optimistic vision of the future, OPmobility’s visual identity embodies the Group’s  historical roots, its values and its drive for continuous growth. Opened to all forms of mobilities,  OPmobility will continue to support their transition towards decarbonization. 

Laurent Burelle, Chairman of OPmobility, comments “Almost 80 years after its creation, OPmobility  marks a major milestone in the Group’s history. This name pays tribute to our past and our values,  while projecting us into the future. OPmobility accurately translates our profitable growth strategy  in sustainable mobility, bringing together our historic automotive activities and our technological  diversification, whether in electrification, hydrogen, lighting, or software“. 

In recent years, the Group has undergone a deep transformation, expanding its activities  worldwide and diversifying its customer base, including newcomers in electric mobility. With this  new name, we are addressing all the players in sustainable mobility, in every geography. It is a  powerful brand name, synonymous with technological and industrial excellence for exploring new  horizons“, explains Laurent Favre, Chief Executive Officer of OPmobility. 

For Félicie Burelle, OPmobility’s Managing Director: “OPmobility is the affirmation of the vision of an  industrial Group valued by all our employee in the 28 countries in which we operate. By changing  its name while keeping its distinctive logo, the Group is building on its roots to accelerate into the  future. OPmobility expresses our ambition to play a key role in energy transition and the  transformation of mobility, in full alignment with our purpose: Driving a new generation of mobility“. 

Picture: OPmobility – Factory

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