Plataine partners with NIAR ATLAS to promote innovation and digitalization in aerospace

Plataine, a leading provider of AI and Industrial IIoT-based manufacturing optimization solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with the Advanced Technologies Lab for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS), part of the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University, to explore opportunities for further digital transformation of advanced manufacturing processes through data analytics.

Plataine partners with NIAR ATLAS to promote innovation and digitalization in aerospace

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Carbon fiber materials will be tracked using Plataine’s time sensitive material management technology for advanced manufacturing and aerospace composites. This will demonstrate effective digitization of the composite process and time sensitive material management best practices to the next generation of advanced material leaders.

Researchers at NIAR ATLAS will examine how Plataine’s technology can help manufacturers and advanced material vendors drive innovation while undertaking industry challenges such as labor shortages, supply chain disruption, sustainability and delays caused by use of expired materials.

NIAR has a strong history of leading aviation industry research, and the partnership with Plataine will build on its advanced manufacturing research and development to fuel further innovation. ATLAS provides a multi-disciplinary manufacturing and applied learning environment, and Plataine will make full use of the facility’s state-of-the-art machines, software, and processing technologies.

Announcing the partnership, Avner Ben-Bassat, CEO & President at Plataine, says, “We are proud to partner with NIAR of Wichita and are looking forward to finding new ways to tackle the challenges of our industry through digitization and automation of factories. Working alongside individuals who share our commitment and vision of delivering groundbreaking innovative technology to the aviation industry is a privilege.” Ben-Bassat adds, “This partnership will prepare engineers and educators for the Factory of the Future, demonstrate new ways for manufacturers to meet increased production demand and help current workforces make the seamless transition to advancements in the workplace.”

NIAR has built a strong relationship with various divisions of the U.S. Department of Defense, leading to a fifth place ranking among U.S. universities in a list of federally funded aerospace R&D expenditures, with $63 million in funding.

Dr. Waruna Seneviratne, Director of NIAR ATLAS, comments: “Being a part of the applied learning ecosystem at Wichita State and working with our industry partners, NIAR researchers are dedicated to driving innovation, advancing knowledge, and defining best practices in the field of aviation and composites.”

“We are evaluating game-changing solutions for rising production demand and industry challenges such as supply chain and labor shortages. Working with Plataine dovetails with our vision, enabling us to continue looking toward the future of advanced manufacturing and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.”

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