Plataine releases new version of its digital thread portal solution, extending the digital thread over the supply chain

Plataine delivers digital thread connectivity across multiple sites and organizations, enabling manufacturers to automate material receiving and maintain a complete digital genealogy of their products.

Plataine releases new version of its digital thread portal solution, extending the digital thread over the supply chain

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Plataine, a leading innovator of AI-based manufacturing optimization solutions, releases new version of its Digital Thread Portal, that reshapes the way manufacturers manage their materials and streamline their supply chain interactions. The solution increases process efficiencies and fully automates material shipment and receiving, saving operators time, and significantly reducing manual errors and delays. Plataine’s Digital Thread Portal delivers a holistic view of full material genealogy across its entire lifecycle, from raw material to finished part, stretching over multiple sites and organizations across the supply chain. 

Plataine’s solution addresses global supply chain challenges and replaces traditional manual and paper-based processes. Advanced manufacturers still face increased material and transportation costs and delays in material delivery. Together with workforce shortages, and having to rely on time-consuming manual input, the need for automation is greater than ever. Plataine’s Digital Thread Portal automates and digitizes product life cycle management – from raw material until the finished part. Material suppliers can now log material information and create a Digital Passport of each material shipped, including production and quality attributes of each item and lot, and the production sites receiving the material items can access the same digital information on the cloud and significantly streamline the receiving process, reducing efforts and minimizing any associated human error.

Moreover, the solution recalculates material shelf life (ETL) during its journey across the supply chain, leveraging the condition monitoring information obtained during transit and storage while maximizing material lifetime value and alerting staff on any idle material. This dynamic approach ensures that manufacturers always work with the most up-to-date and accurate data, improving overall operational efficiency. The easy-to-use solution ensures a quick implementation process and high level of user acceptance. 

The benefits of Plataine’s enhanced Digital Thread technology extend beyond the factory floor. The Digital Thread is now accessible across multiple factory locations, making it easy for manufacturers to track materials across their entire production and supply chain network and significantly improve inventory planning. This seamless accessibility also extends to the communication between suppliers and customers. 

Amir Ben Assa, VP Marketing & Product Strategy at Plataine says: “We are excited to address the industry’s supply chain and workforce shortage challenges. Plataine offers an innovative cloud solution that sets a new standard for sharing product, digital thread and material information among manufacturers and their material suppliers. This innovation empowers manufacturers to enhance their operational efficiency, save time and resources, and strengthen their partnerships with suppliers, all within a user-friendly and intuitive cloud solution.”

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