Pyka and Dole successfully complete trial phase of autonomous spray aircraft

Pyka, maker of autonomous electric aircraft for crop protection and cargo transport, and Dole plc, the global leader in fresh fruit and vegetable production, announces the successful completion of the first trial phase with Pyka’s Pelican Spray aircraft.

Pyka and Dole successfully complete trial phase of autonomous spray aircraft

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Upon receiving delivery of the aircraft in late 2022 in Dole Fresh Fruit’s operation in Honduras, combined personnel from both companies began flight operations and spray efficacy testing at Dole’s Isletas Farm. Pyka’s autonomous electric aircraft performed with excellence, demonstrating ease of operation and effective crop protection.

As a next step, the use of Pelican Spray will be extended to larger areas of Dole’s banana plantations and supplement Dole’s existing fleet of agricultural spray planes. Subsequently, the partners will expand the Pelican Spray service to additional operations in Latin America. This autonomous electric aviation technology is a tremendous opportunity to optimize spray operations, reduce chemical usage through greater spray precision, minimize environmental impact, and contribute to Dole’s sustainability goals.

“Dole is an internationally highly respected brand whose farming practices set industry standards for fruit and vegetable production across the globe,” says Volker Fabian, Chief Commercial Officer of Pyka. “With their commercial operations spanning multiple geographical locations, Dole will demonstrate the value of Pyka’s product on an even larger scale than we have seen to date.”

Pyka’s proprietary technology includes highly-automated flight control software, flight computers, high energy density batteries, advanced electric propulsion systems, and carbon composite airframes.

“We are excited to partner with Pyka in order to be on the forefront of technological advancement for the aerial application industry,” says Patricio Gutierrez Carvajal, Regional Director Innovation, R&D at Dole Tropical Products. “This product addresses a market-wide need for a safer, cleaner, and more precise method of spraying crops by air. As a company, Pyka embodies the values of quality, innovation and environmental focus that align with Dole’s corporate mission.”

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