RECARBON and 3A Composites Core Materials join forces

Together, they are set to continue the development of thermoplastic sandwich panels, merging their collective strengths to create cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future.

RECARBON and 3A Composites Core Materials join forces

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RECARBON, with its pioneering work in recycled carbon skins, will spearhead the production of these panels. Their extensive experience and dedication to sustainability ensure that every panel manufactured will not only meet but exceed industry standards, contributing to a greener and more eco-conscious manufacturing process.

Joining forces with RECARBON, 3A Composites Core Materials, through its brand AIREX® brings to the table unparalleled expertise in core material technology and boasts an impressive in-house laboratory setup.

Together, RECARBON and 3A Composites Core Materials will embark on a journey of innovation and constant improvement, focusing on the characterization of thermoplastic sandwich panels. Their joint efforts will ensure that each panel delivers optimal performance and durability in diverse applications.

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the realm of advanced materials, marking the beginning of a new era in sustainable innovation.

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