Recycling: Tianshun Composite Materials and Tongji University join hands

Suzhou Tianshun Composite Materials Technology and Tongji University jointly held the signing ceremony of their “pyrolysis recycling of wind power blades” project.

Recycling: Tianshun Composite Materials and Tongji University join hands

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The recycling of wind turbine blades has always been a long-standing problem. Its primary material, thermosetting resin composite materials embedded in fibreglass or carbon fibre, presents the challenge of high recycling costs and relatively low value. The wind power blade pyrolysis recycling project is therefore a key breakthrough.

Pyrolysis recycling refers to decomposing discarded wind turbine blades into reusable organic compound and energy through high-temperature treatment. This project aims to reduce energy waste and achieve effective utilization of waste by studying the quality of glass fibre and carbon fibre tows after blade recycling, forming a recycling process route.

At the signature ceremony, both parties expressed their eager expectations and common goals for cooperation, and had in-depth discussions on the specific research content and cooperation methods of the project. A subsidiary of Titan Wind Energy, the Chinese major producer of wind turbines, blades and other wind power generation equipment, Tianshun Composite Materials focuses on the R&D, production and sales of composite materials, and its business scope has gradually expanded from the wind power blade sector to wind power non-blade structural parts, and non-wind power composite parts (rail transportation, aerospace, construction, ships) and other fields. As a first-class comprehensive university in China, Tongji University has research resources and professional knowledge in the fields of materials science and engineering. 

As the global demand for renewable energy and awareness of environmental protection increase, the development and practical application of recycling methods for wind turbine blades will become an important trend in future development. This cooperation will bring opportunities and advantages to both parties in the field of pyrolysis recycling of wind power blades, and make greater contributions to reducing environmental pollution and improving resource utilization efficiency.

Cover photo: Titan Wind Energy – The signing ceremony of the “pyrolysis recycling of wind power blades” project.

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