Redelease announces the hiring of Rodrigo Braga

Redelease, a traditional Brazilian distributor of specialty chemicals, has just hired Rodrigo Braga. An executive with experience at DuPont, Sabic and, in the last thirteen years, the glass fibre manufacturer Owens Corning, Braga initially assumes the commercial management of Redecenter, Redelease’s network of licensees.

Redelease announces the hiring of Rodrigo Braga

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His arrival marks the beginning of a new moment for Redelease. In addition to being an experienced professional and internationally recognized for his competence, he has accumulated enormous experience in the thermosetting composites industry, our main market“, comments Roberto Iacovella, founder of Redelease.

Braga’s first task will be to expand the number of companies that are part of Redecenter. “Today, there are 17 licensees throughout Brazil, in addition to 13 autonomous resellers in the process of transitioning to the Redecenter umbrella, which means having better purchasing conditions and access to our technical and commercial support“, explains Iacovella. In three years, he estimates that this number should at least double with the strategies developed by the new manager.

Braga will also be responsible for expanding each licensee’s portfolio. On average, around a thousand items are in stock, with polyester and epoxy resins, glass fibre reinforcements, release agents, and silicone rubbers having the highest turnover.

The Redecenter units are the offline complement to the magnificent online education work that Redelease has developed over the last few years,” observes Braga. With almost 400 thousand subscribers on its YouTube channel and 90 thousand followers on Instagram, Redelease has produced do-it-yourself (DYI) content since mid-2016.

Braga also highlights that Redecenter’s business model is unique in the Brazilian thermosetting composites market. “It is based on the strategy of the greatest possible capillarity and accessibility. In other words, being present in dozens of cities and welcoming any consumer profile, from small composites transformers to people who have lost their jobs and are looking for a new activity to generate income or even those who want to start a manual occupation solely for therapeutic purposes“, he details. A chemical engineer with an MBA in business management and postgraduate degrees in ESG, finance, oil, gas, and biofuels, Braga was born in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), is divorced, and has two children.

Cover photo: Redealease – Roberto Iacovella, founder of Redelease, and Rodrigo Braga

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