Revolutionizing fire proof protection and sustainability for FRP products – PyroWall™ technology

A safer and circular option for manufactured FRP composites used in diverse industries.

Revolutionizing fire proof protection and sustainability for FRP products – PyroWall™ technology

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The introduction of ALEC² PyroWall™ has revolutionized fire protection in the FRP manufacturing industry, ushering in a new era of safety. Since its launch, ALEC² PyroWall™ has driven a significant improvement option in fire protection standards, prioritizing safety and raising the bar for the entire FRP industry.

This revolutionary fireproof material, unlike any FRP composite material on the market, offers remarkable protection for FRP products against heat and fire events. This fireproofing capability paves the way for a significantly safer and more sustainable future across diverse FRP applications and industries.

A game-changer for FRP products and applications

ALEC² PyroWall™ fundamentally transforms fire protection for FRP products by providing a fireproof barrier. This is particularly crucial for sectors like:

Infrastructure construction
ALEC² PyroWall™ enhances the fire safety of new infrastructure components like building panels and cladding.

Infrastructure repair
Professionals can use ALEC² PyroWall™ to provide fireproof protection for FRP used to retrofit existing infrastructures and augment long-term safety.

Unlike traditional fire-resistant FRP, ALEC² PyroWall™ boasts:
• Zero Burn Rate – Eliminates the risk of ignition or fire propagation even in extreme heat.
• Unmatched Safety – Safeguards people and assets from impacts of fire events.
• Enhanced Structural Integrity – Maintains its form and characteristics during extreme heat and fire events, preventing catastrophic failures of the FRP being protected.
• Stops Fire Damage – properly protected FRP structures and/or products will not experience any significant impact.

Composite circularity and sustainability redefined

Beyond its exceptional fireproof capabilities, ALEC² PyroWall™ also achieves a remarkable 100% circular lifecycle:
• Closed-Loop System – Enables infinite recycling and reuse, eliminating reliance on virgin materials and landfill waste.
• Recycled Content – Composed of ~85% recycled industrial waste, it maximizes waste recovery and reuse and minimizes environmental impact.
• 100% Reusable – At end of use PyroWall™ can be easily recycled and processed into new products.

A safer and circular option for manufactured FRP composites used in diverse industries

The unique combination of fire proof safety and sustainability offered by the ALEC² PyroWall™ material empowers various industries to enhance their circular and sustainable composite materials goals:

From fireproofing building components and cladding to safer FRP infrastructure products, ALEC² PyroWall™ elevates fire safety to a new achievable standard in the built environment.

Fireproofing FRP enclosures can significantly enhance people and asset safety in facilities.

Renewable energy infrastructure
Fireproofing critical components in wind turbines and battery storage systems ensures reliable and sustainable energy generation.

The significance of ALEC² PyroWall™’s fireproof, circular and sustainable benefits extends across numerous industries using FRP products, such as construction, maritime, mobile and transportation revolutionizing fireproofing protection and environmental responsibility. As a fireproof barrier, ALEC² PyroWall™ empowers infrastructure construction and repair projects to achieve exceptional fire safety standards, safeguarding lives and assets. Take, for instance, its application in the marine industry. ALEC² PyroWall™ ensures exceptional fire safety within yacht and cruise ship interiors, critical components, and structures. This enhances passenger safety and underscores our commitment to composites circularity and sustainability. Similarly, ALEC² PyroWall™ offers a transformative solution that safeguards cargo ships, offshore platforms and marine infrastructure. By utilizing a material that is both fireproof and 100% recyclable, we’re helping safeguarding lives while contributing to a composite circularity and more eco-conscious future,” said Bill Hayward at WT&C.

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