RotH2 obtains 2014/68/EU (PED) certification for its type II, 1,000-bar hydrogen storage cylinders  

This is a major new step in RotH2’s development: the company has become the first in France to have its Type II hydrogen storage cylinders certified as compliant with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for pressures of up to 1,000 bar, using filament winding in particular. The certification process for these cylinders, which began in November 2023, was completed in early June 2024, with a positive opinion issued by Bureau Veritas. 

RotH2 obtains 2014/68/EU (PED) certification for its type II, 1,000-bar hydrogen storage cylinders  

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How are storage cylinders made?

RotH2’s expertise lies in its mastery of the hot flow-forging technique. Seamless steel tubes are cut into sections of various sizes, thicknesses and diameters, then forged at over 900 degrees. This process shapes the steel in successive passes, giving it the desired form: transforming a tube into a virtually closed tank. Heat treatment is then applied to obtain the desired mechanical properties of the steel. This is followed by machining, testing, shot blasting, marking, painting and inspection of the bottle. So much for the classic Type I 500 and 550 bar cylinders.

For its Type II, 1,000-bar cylinders, RotH2 has chosen a high-capacity tank with composite reinforcement. Its modest mass, coupled with the innovative filament winding method, means that RotH2 now has the lightest cylinder on the market: type II+. The carbon fibre composite, pre-impregnated with epoxy resin, is wound around the steel bottle. The bottle is then placed in an oven to polymerise the resin, enabling it to achieve the performance required to store hydrogen under very high pressure. 

Development prospects in France and abroad 

For the same storage capacity, these 1,000-bar type II+ cylinders use around 55% more gas than a 500-bar cylinder, allow faster refuelling thanks to gas transfer, and thus reduce the number of cylinders needed to store hydrogen. 

While the potential of hydrogen is enormous in the fields of mobility and industry, the question of storage, although central, remains too little addressed. With this new solution, RotH2 aims to contribute to the development of the hydrogen industry in France and Europe. 

Our teams have worked tirelessly to obtain DESP 1,000-bar type II certification, ever since we acquired a filament winding machine last January. This recognition opens up new prospects for RotH2, reinforcing its status as a key European player in the field of hydrogen storage, transport and refuelling,” Quentin Marsac, RotH2 Director, said.

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