Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber to be applied to hydrogen-powered trams 

Shanghai Lingang’s new generation of medium-volume Line 2 (T2 Line) hydrogen-powered trams were put into trial operation on the whole line in Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber to be applied to hydrogen-powered trams 

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As a representative of a new generation of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and smart transportation, this tram uses a number of new technologies. The tram driver’s cab cover is made of carbon fiber produced by Shanghai Petrochemical. This material has the characteristics of high strength and light weight, which can reduce the weight of the front cover, reduce energy consumption during operation, and help improve mileage, comfort and sound insulation. 

Shanghai Petrochemical is not only a carbon fiber R&D and production company, but also an R&D and application enterprise of carbon fiber composite materials. Shanghai Petrochemical along with Chinese state-owned rolling stock manufacturer CRRC Group, China’s Cedar Composites, Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, etc. have systematically carried out research on key technologies such as carbon fiber and its prefabricated body, structural design, and molding process.  

Prior to this, Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber was also applied to the “Bay Area Blue” high-speed train of Guangzhou Metro Line 18. With the completion of the 48K large tow carbon fiber unit, the role of collaborative innovation has been further extended.  

Shanghai Petrochemical will provide more technical service guarantees for the official opening for service of the Lingang T2 line hydrogen-powered trams, and will continue to expand the field of urban rail transit, high-speed trains and other vehicle components.  More information:

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