Shindo releases innovative one-part and low viscosity matrix resins for composites

Shindo has released a new modified acrylic resin, Shimteq™ RSN ACS01, for use as a matrix resins for composites.

Shindo releases innovative one-part and low viscosity matrix resins for composites

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Shimteq™ RSN ACS01 is a very low viscosity resin that exhibits 50 mPa-s at 25℃ and can be stored at room temperature. As a one-part curable type, it is a thermosetting resin that undergoes a curing reaction when heated as it is.

Commercially available two-part thermosetting resins such as epoxy resins and unsaturated polyesters are normally used by adding hardening agents and other additives to the main resin before mixing. Shimteq™ RSN ACS01, however, is a one-part curable type, eliminating the need for mixing process and allowing storage at room temperature, contributing to simplified material storage management in the manufacturing process and stable quality of cured products.

Features of Shimteq RSN ACS01 by Shindo

In addition, the use of low molecular weight liquid monomers and oligomers allows for low viscosity for use in RTM and infusion moulding methods. Even when composites with high fibre volume content, which are difficult to impregnate with resin, can be easily impregnated in both the in-plane and out-of-plane directions of the reinforcing fibres.

The cured Shimteq™ RSN ACS01 composite properties showed high toughness while maintaining an elastic modulus equivalent to that of epoxy resins. The high toughness of Shimteq™ RSN ACS01 is that the base resin, which has a unique molecular design, allows the main chain to lengthen through polymerisation without cross-linking during curing. As described above, the new resin has both low viscosity and high toughness at a high level, which was difficult to achieve with conventional thermosetting resins such as unsaturated polyester resin, vinylester resin and epoxy resin. These characteristics expand the possibilities of application to composite moulding processes in environments where material temperature control during moulding is difficult, and to applications requiring impact resistance, making it possible to provide new solutions.

Cover photo: Shimteq RSN ACS01 by Shindo

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