Solvay expands China Research and Innovation Center and inaugurates its new building in Shanghai

Enhanced local research capabilities will address fast-evolving market needs and accelerate innovation for future-shaping sustainable solutions.

Solvay expands China Research and Innovation Center and inaugurates its new building in Shanghai

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Solvay announces the expansion of its China Research & Innovation Center (R&I), with the inauguration of a new research building in the Solvay Shanghai Technology Park. The company has invested more than 4 billion RMB (approx 500M euros) in its Chinese R&I hub since 2005, to better support local customers and fulfill the booming demand for innovative and sustainable solutions in the region. 

The new R&I building, Magnolia, marks a significant step forward for Solvay in advancing innovation in China, the world’s largest chemical market.

“The Chinese market is strategically important in our global strategy and we are willing to increase our investments to address the demands here,” said Ilham Kadri, Solvay CEO. “With a stronger research force in China, we will accelerate innovations that drive circular economy solutions and a sustainable future in response to the global megatrends and the ever-changing local needs.”

The new R&I building is home to several state-of-the-art laboratories. Among its notable features is a pioneering pilot hall dedicated to advanced materials applications. It is also home to purpose-built spaces customized for both industrial applications and consumer goods research. The new innovation platform serves critical sectors like green hydrogen, electronics, and semiconductors, and features an automation & robotics lab — a leap forward in Solvay’s transformative journey towards digital evolution.

“We are continuously expanding our research and innovation competencies in China to meet the evolving demands in the fast-growing sectors. The new capabilities empower us to speed up the delivery of research results in a series of markets and foster closer cooperation with customers in the region,” said Pascal Metivier, Solvay Head of Research & Innovation

“By enhancing infrastructure and shoring up our R&I Center in China, we will also be able to enhance open innovation partnerships with leading Chinese universities, international research institutions and other stakeholders, to incubate breakthrough technologies in order to shape a more sustainable future together,” said Howard Hao, Solvay China Head of Research & Innovation.

In addition to the new research building inaugurated today, Solvay has recently launched its Material Application & Development Lab in Shanghai. This strategic move caters to the growing demand for tailored high-performance material solutions from major local end markets such as automotive, new energy, life solutions and pharmacy, smart devices and semiconductors.

Established in 1997, the Solvay China R&I Center has grown into the Group’s third largest research hub in the world, with a strong team of around 170 scientists, engineers and technicians. In the past five years, the center filed 89 patent applications, and published 84 papers on international scientific magazines, of which 15 pieces made to the covers. The R&I center’s key competencies include developing advanced materials applications; and strengthening synthesis & process to bring innovative solutions to key markets such as transportation, industrial applications, and consumer goods. It enabled strong partnerships with customers and conducted open collaboration with academia and universities around the world.

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