SOMOCAP is expanding with a second production site

The Jatxou-based company specialised in rubber, composite, LSR and engineering plastic moulding is expanding and doubling its production capacity to increase manufacturing levels and develop its medium-sized production business.

SOMOCAP is expanding with a second production site

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Somocap, a company that specialises in the moulding of rubber, composite and engineering plastic parts, has enjoyed annual growth of around 10% for the past ten years.

This family company located in the heart of the Basque Country currently employs 55 people and is continuing to grow, which is why its current premises are no longer sufficient.

To continue with this progress, the company needs to expand. As such, Somocap is investing 5.5 million euros to build new premises 10 km from its original site. The company is planning to build a 2,500 m2 factory on the 10,000 m2 of chosen land by mid-2024, with the possibility of extension. This new site will eventually be the base for all the company’s technical composite and plastic business. Rubber production will continue at the current site, with strong synergies between the two sites, maintaining the company’s differentiation strategy with the production of hybrid materials.

Somocap has stood out for several years as a result of its Crosscomp technologies, which create hybrid composite materials with thermoplastic or elastomers.

This technology improves the functionality of high-resistance mechanical parts by increasing productivity, reducing production costs and opening the door to recycling solutions.

The process involves three stages: preparing the composite core, shaping the core and overmoulding with TP.

Examples of successful applications:

Radlink Project – Construction Application – with and for the company’s partner, Optimas: creation of tunnel radial connections – Lauréat FIP Award
Tie-Rod Project – Aerospace application – with and for the company’s partner, Epsilon Composite: development of structural parts for the A350  – Lauréat Global Industrie Award

Going even further, the company is also working on an R&D project to recycle composite production offcuts from its partners in the aerospace industry. The company won an innovation award for this project in October 2022.

Somocap will use this new site to expand its business on mid-sized production runs, focusing on supply chains that are as short as possible, both with suppliers and with customers, from a CSR perspective.

In 2022, Somocap achieved a turnover of 5.6 million euros. With this investment, the company expects to increase this figure to 8 million euros by 2028. The company intends to recruit around ten new employees by this date, particularly production technicians for the plastic and liquid silicone division.

More information www.somocap.com