Stark Aerospace deploys Plataine’s IIoT manufacturing optimization solution

Stark Aerospace, a US-based unmanned aerial systems manufacturer, has deployed Plataine’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution to enable an increase in production capacity while meeting demanding standards of quality and on-time delivery. The global defense contractor implemented Plataine’s Material and Asset Tracker (MAT) solution within two weeks to digitize, manage and optimize advanced manufacturing processes to demanding technical specifications.

Stark Aerospace deploys Plataine’s IIoT manufacturing optimization solution

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Stark Aerospace deploys Plataine’s IIoT manufacturing optimization solution

Plataine’s solution provides factory staff with actionable insights & recommendations to improve the factory’s efficiency and streamline the entire manufacturing process. Sensors attached to production floor assets such as raw material rolls, kits, parts and layup tools, collect real-time data about assets’ location and status, and digitize Stark’s manufacturing processes, also enabling full traceability and auditability of the Digital Thread.

Stark has expanded its manufacturing facilities to allow production of several new product lines. The firm used to extensively rely on paperwork and manual processes to manage its operations. The inevitable outcome has been inefficient utilization of material, human errors causing re-work and scrap, lack of real-time visibility, and no digital record of the impact on quality.

At its new facilities, Stark has recognized that their existing manual and paper-based practices limit their ability to scale-up production and stand in their way of becoming fully digital and being ‘audit-ready’ at all times.

Plataine’s solution quickly integrated with Starks’ existing IT systems, leveraging RFID tags that are attached to each moving asset such as composite materials, kits and parts. The tags allow for automated tracking of material shelf-life, ETL (Expiration Time Left) as well as roll’s location changes. When the materials are cut and used to create kits, Plataine’s application ensures that kits automatically inherit their “parent” properties creating full part genealogy and a Digital Thread. The solution provides managers with constant updates on asset location as well as sensitive material expiration dates and out-times until parts are cured, consequently minimizing material waste, increasing quality control as well as production speed.

Plataine’s AI-based algorithms draw on the company’s deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence to allow immediate identification of quality issues before escalating into bigger issues. The system triggers real-time alerts and actionable recommendations to managers and operators about material that is about to expire or about tools that require maintenance. This manufacturing advancement is a key part of Starks’ competitive advantage and its compliance with its customers’ requirements and the National Aerospace & Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) regulations.

“Before we implemented Plataine’s solution, many of our manufacturing processes were manual-based. This worked fine while we were a smaller operation, but ramping up our production volumes required adoption of the latest IIoT technologies,” says Robert Naranjo, COO at Stark Aerospace. “Plataine’s automated and digitized our production floor while reducing quality issues, and will drive substantial savings of raw material. Additionally, the automation of repetitive manual processes has freed up significant amounts of time that our skilled engineering staff can now spend on productive tasks.”

Avner Ben-Bassat, President and CEO of Plataine, adds: “Stark’s fast growth and complex manufacturing environment required quick deployment of our integrated solution, packed with best practices and leveraging the latest technologies. Plataine is proud to be working with Stark Aerospace – one of the most advanced manufacturers of unmanned aerial systems globally.”

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