Structural Composites, launches high-strength composite bridge

Future partners of Structural Composites, Inc., Undercover Billionaire’s Elaine Culotti, states that Structural Composites (SC) is the creative wave of the future. Elaine met Scott Lewit, Structural Composites’ President, through other creative inventors like herself. Their goal is to change the world, no matter how big or small. Ms. Culotti highly supports SC’s bridge project with Morgan County, Tennessee, because it represents composite materials being engineered weight, strength, and necessity for different types of structures.

Structural Composites,  launches high-strength composite bridge

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Elaine’s background in construction connects her to this project, because if composites could replace wood and conventional materials in the construction world, it would be cost-efficient and beneficial for long-lasting structures.

“The creative mind for inventing things is hard to come across. The world can not live without people like Scott Lewit. I am proud to be associated with SC and their team. I think they are unique to our developing project and everyone they come across. They are so busy creating they do not have time to socialize; this Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is the perfect event to do so,” stated Culotti.

Bridge Deck by Structural Composites
Bridge Deck by Structural Composites

“It is very exciting to have Elaine Culotti attending this event. Her recognition of this technology helps showcase the opportunities of composites due to her expertise. Elaine brings an understanding of the construction market and the potential for this composite technology to a future project with SC,” stated Scott Lewit.

Located in Morgan County, TN, a new bridge has been installed, benefiting this county with a high-tech, high-strength bridge deck system. The drop-in bridge decreases installation time, reduces energy and construction costs. The bridge has a 100-year lifespan. At 16 feet long and 25 feet wide, the bridge is engineered for rural logging traffic and heavy loads.

The deck is 90% lighter than a concrete bridge. “More than 150,000 bridges in the U.S., many located in rural parts of the country, are in need of replacement. Composites bridge deck technology can provide both rural and urban ommunities with a low-cost, lightweight, durable bridge structure that requires less equipment, making a shorter period for on-site preparation and a vastly shorter period for on-site installation,” stated Lewit.

This high-tech bridge lays the foundation for a safe and sustainable future. The composite bridge is ideal for infrastructural upgrades and improvements. This change and technology are what the infrastructure industry needs. The technology of the bridge benefits job creation and reduced impactive construction. It also eliminates emergency repairs with permanent repairs that can be completed in days instead of months.

 Composite Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is May 12.

More information www.structuralcomposites.com