Swancor applies its recyclable resin to motorhome interiors 

Motorhomes, also known as ‘homes on wheels,’ combine the functionalities of both a house and a vehicle. They are widely used for comfortable and convenient long-distance road trips and camping adventures.

Swancor applies its recyclable resin to motorhome interiors 

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Cabo Advanced Composite Materials Co., Ltd., based in Changshu, in China’s Jiangsu province, serves both domestic and international markets, dedicated to providing high-quality and advanced motorhome products and services. The motorhome interiors replace traditional metal materials with resin fibre composite materials, resulting in lightweight, durable, shock-absorbing, noise-reducing, and aesthetically versatile features.

In this collaboration, Swancor New Materials utilises the EzCiclo recyclable thermosetting epoxy infusion resin RB511-A/BS, combined with glass fibre, PVC core material, and lightweight wood, using an integrated moulding infusion process. This solution not only enhances product performance but also provides a pathway for customers to achieve a low-carbon economy, aligning with the increasing environmental demands and carbon reduction policies in both domestic and European markets.

The EzCiclo recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin addresses the historical challenge of non-degradable recycling in thermoset composite materials. Notably, it requires no alteration to existing production processes or equipment, ensures recyclability, minimises secondary pollution, and significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

Motorhome with Swancor recyclable resin
Motorhome with Swancor recyclable resin (photo: Swancor)

When motorhome components made from Swancor’s EzCiclo recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin reach the end of their service life, they can be recycled and degraded using CleaVER dissolution technology. This process converts waste into regenerated fibres and oligomers. The regenerated fibres can be reprocessed and reused, ultimately forming glass fibre or carbon fibre composite materials. The entire degradation and recycling process is straightforward and low carbon, reducing raw material consumption and promoting a circular economy.

Currently, the EzCiclo product series holds ISO 14021 and ISO 14064 certifications. Composite materials produced using the EzCiclo series achieve a recycling rate of ≥95%. These materials find broad applications across industries such as wind turbine blades, sports and leisure, rail transportation, marine and automotive sectors.

Cover photo: Motorhome with Swancor recyclable resin

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