Swancor launched recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin “EzCiclo”, leading to zero-carbon era

Would you like to be able to recycle and reuse the wind turbine blade materials? Globally, one of the biggest challenges to transition to wind energy has been the disposal of wind turbine blades. The standard method of disposal are burying and incineration due to the low cost, but that will raise concerns from an environmental perspective.

Swancor launched recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin “EzCiclo”, leading to zero-carbon era

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“EzCiclo” &” CleaVER”

Swancor launched two new products, “EzCiclo” and “CleaVER”, offering futuristic solutions to finally be able to recycle wind turbine blades and reuse them.

Swancor’s latest development, “EzCiclo”, is a recyclable and reusable epoxy resin. With “EzCiclo”, glass or carbon fiber composites could be recycled and degraded via “CleaVER” technology. It turns waste into reclaimed glass/carbon fibers and oligomers, which reuses both reinforcement and resin by closing the loop, and the recycling process does not generate waste solvents and pollution. It can be applied across a range of industries and manufacturing processes, not only in the wind energy industry but also in sporting, CCL and automotive industries…etc.

Composites Exchange Swancor -Swancor recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin “EzCiclo” and “CleaVER”

Compared with existing composites recycling methods: pyrolysis method and solvolysis method, Swancor’s recycling system advantages include:

  • No need to change the current wind blades production process and equipment
  • No need to crush FRP before the decomposition process
  • No waste solvent and waste gas in the recycling process
  • Recycled fibers show equivalent mechanical performance to new fibers
  • Oligomer could be reused
  • Produces a minuscule carbon footprint
  • Meet RoHS and REACH
Swancor EzCiclo degradation process

Due to the visible signs of climate change, more than 140 countries have committed to the “Paris Agreement” to reach the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. The European Union will impose a “Carbon tariff” in 2023, and the United States plans to impose a carbon tariff on imported products. Carbon reduction is no longer an environmental issue, but it has solid economic support as all industries are now moving towards net-zero emissions and sustainable operation.

Swancor is fully committed to tackling this issue by offering eco-friendly products and recycling solutions for customers to reach this goal. Swancor will continue to develop an efficient and sustainable solution.

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