TANIQ to showcase TaniqWind Pro, a new filament winding software for composite pressure vessels at JEC World 2024

TaniqWind Pro is a powerful winding software for composite parts, equipped with advanced functions dedicated to pressure vessel design and manufacturing.

TANIQ to showcase TaniqWind Pro, a new filament winding software for composite pressure vessels at JEC World 2024

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The software is developed and supported by a team of winding experts with over 16 years of experience in composite design and robotic winding. TaniqWind Pro is compatible with all CNC and Robotic winding systems on the market or can be supplied as an integral solution with TANIQ’s robotic winding systems.

In 2007, TANIQ was the second company worldwide to develop robotic filament winding systems. Since then, a team of winding experts has developed advanced robotic winding systems for clients worldwide. Due to limitations within the available filament winding software on the market at the time, TANIQ decided to develop its own winding software TaniqWind. Initially developed and used internally for 14 years, the software is now made available for everyone under the name TaniqWind Pro. TANIQ has a full team of software and winding experts developing and supporting the software, guaranteeing the best performance, usability, and support to its clients.

TANIQ Wind Pro

An overview of TANIQ’s products & services in the composites industry:

  • Composite product development: TANIQ supports its clients with the design, analysis, and development of composite parts. TANIQ has assisted clients in developing composite overwrapped pressure vessels of type III and Type IV using dry winding, wet winding, tow-preg winding and thermoplastic tape winding. TANIQ has in-house robotic winding systems for developing prototypes up to 3m in length and 1.5m in diameter.
  • TaniqWind Pro – Advanced composite design software: Our in-housed developed CAD/CAM software specifically tailored for filament winding for composite parts was released last year after 14 years of development. TaniqWind Pro is also the most actively developed and upgraded software on the market, which is the only software in the industry with a dedicated Robotic post-processor. The software can be used for (wet) filament winding, towpreg winding and winding/placement of thermoplastic tapes.
  • Scorpo Robotics – TANIQ’s robotic winding systems: TANIQ is one of the first companies worldwide to develop a robotic winding system in 2007. TANIQ has supplied a wide range of robotic winding system under the brand name Scorpo, which are dedicated to manufacturing various products, including composite pressure vessels.
Composite pressure vessel

About TANIQ:
TANIQ started in 2006 as a spin-off company from the Aerospace Faculty of Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. TANIQ is a renowned player worldwide in robotic automation for rubber composite products. Since 2007 TANIQ has developed custom-developed robotic winding systems and software packages for advanced rubber composite products, such as tires and marine hoses. From 2018 TANIQ started developing software and robotic winding solutions for composite products, with a focus on composite pressure vessels for hydrogen storage.

Meet TANIQ at JEC World 2024, hall 5, booth F109.
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