TARTLER to highlight MDM series at JEC World 2023 with a new top-of-the-range model for resin processing

The compact 2-component resin processing systems of the TARTLER MDM series prove their worth wherever precise dosing, mixing and application of small quantities of liquid polyurethanes, epoxies and silicones is required. They are not only the go-to solution for casting, spraying and foaming systems, but also bonding, coating and laminating. Now the company announces the expansion of this series with the new top-of the-line model MDM plus. The special thing about it: It already has many performance components from TARTLER’s large Nodopur machine systems.

TARTLER to highlight MDM series at JEC World 2023 with a new top-of-the-range model for resin processing

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You can call it the big brother of the MDM systems or the little sister of the Nodopur systems, whichever you prefer. But of much greater relevance is the fact that with the new MDM plus, TARTLER is now offering a compact system solution for processing small quantities of synthetic resins that is up to par with the large dosing, mixing and application systems of the well-known Nodopur series. That means concretely: Firstly, the new premium model sets itself apart from the smaller table-top and rack-mounted units of the MDM family with a higher output rate of up to 6.5 kg/min, a separate drive for each component, the option of integrated volume flow control and a 7-inch touch panel. At the same time, the MDM plus is extremely space-saving and available at a significantly lower price than a Nodopur system.

“The new plant is the optimum choice for synthetic resin processors who process medium quantities and have little floor space available, but still want to benefit from the advantages of cutting-edge process technology in the form of a high-performance compact solution,” says company boss Udo Tartler.

With the new MDM plus, TARTLER offers a compact system solution for processing small quantities of synthetic resins, which with its special technical equipment catches up with the large metering, mixing and application systems of the widely known Nodopur series.

Visually, the new MDM plus stands out by its mobile basic structure with collecting tray, which was primarily reserved for the larger plants of the TARTLER portfolio. In the standard version, the user can choose between tanks with a capacity of 3 to 60 liters. In addition, the plant has a fill level indicator for both components and is equipped with the LC5/3 mixing head from the company’s portfolio. This high-quality mixing head can be fitted with disposable rotating plastic mixers – eliminating the need to use liquid rinsing agents. Other important performance features of the new compact solution from TARTLER are the choice between electric and pneumatic agitators for the components as well as the silica gel filter for the B-component (e.g. hardener).

What’s more, the MDM plus allows users to carry out small circulations of the components. Here, the unmixed material is moved in metering pauses from the tanks through the pumps and – if present – the volume flow meter and back into the tank. This allows the required temperature to be maintained and adjustments to the machine to be made without loss of material. In addition, fillers are prevented from settling in the metering hose due to the material coming to a standstill. Before dispensing, the circulation system is switched off.

The new MDM plus from TARTLER is equipped with the LC5/3 mixing head. It can be equipped with rotating disposable plastic mixers – eliminating the need to use liquid rinsing agents.

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“The new MDM plus bridges the gap between our portable systems for small-volume processing and our large Nodopur systems, which meter and mix up to 50 liters of resin per minute. At the same time, it enriches the MDM family with another attractive compact solution,” says Udo Tartler.

Small-volume processors can now choose from a total of five models. The entry-level MDM 3 system has electrically driven metering pumps and container ports for connecting the original barrels of the material suppliers. It dispenses up to 0.7 liters of material per minute at a mixing ratio of 100:100 (the specific output quantity always depends on the viscosities, mixing ratios and hose lengths). The tabletop unit is operated with 220 V and without external compressed air.

The MDM 4 tabletop unit from TARTLER allows the transition to mechanical dosing and mixing systems. It can be configured to output quantities of 0.5 to 0.8 l/min through various pump constellations, depending on the mixing ratio and viscosity of the components. This allows dosing ratios of 100:10 to 10:100 to be realized. The mixing head used is an LC 0/2, whose disposable mixer is rotated by a frequency-controlled electric motor via a flexible shaft. As for the tanks, users can choose between containers with volumes from 0.5 to 100 l. The MDM 4 also requires only 220 V mains power for operation.

The MDM 5 is the choice for resin processors who need variable output rates from 0.05 to 1.5 l/min and more functionality. The machines, which can be used stationary or mobile, allows liquid PU and epoxy resins to be poured, sprayed or foamed. The Siemens control offers features such as shot time preselection and potlife timer. The MDM 5 can be fitted with different TARTLER mixing heads and equipped with different containers, agitators and heaters for tanks, hoses and mixing head. It works with 220 volts and compressed air (6-8 bar).

Designed for outputs of up to 3.5 l/min, the MDM 6 from TARTLER is also suitable for pouring, spraying and foaming. Among other functions, its control system enables users to perform small and large circulations of the components. in the large circulation process, the material also flows through the mixing head and the machine is ready to shoot in seconds. The MDM 6 can be operated with tank volumes ranging from 3.0 l to 100 l. Its position as TARTLER’s previous top-of-the-range compact solution has now been passed on to the new MDM plus, which is on par with the large machines of the Nodopur series, thanks to its significantly higher output and extended equipment package.

The company’s modularity system means that all TARTLER MDM systems can be customized with numerous components – such as chassis, refill kits, heating and degassing systems. “In addition, we support each user through every advanced step to the next level of machine and automated resin processing,” stresses Udo Tartler.

Meet TARTLER at JEC World 2023, Hall 5, booth D65.

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