TE Wire & Cable partners with Plataine for smart thermocouples AI-based solution

TE Wire & Cable, a manufacturer of thermocouple wire, and Plataine, a provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization software for advanced manufacturing, announced a partnership for Smart Thermocouple solutions.

TE Wire & Cable partners with Plataine for smart thermocouples AI-based solution

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TE Wire & Cable partners with Plataine for smart thermocouples AI-based solutionPlataine’s IoT-based AI software tracks and analyzes the location, status and duty cycles of TE Wire & Cable’s thermocouples, enabling thermocouple users to view analytics, receive actionable alerts, insights and optimized recommendations.

Tracking thermocouple status and location, increasing utilization and improving quality & auditability
TE W&C thermocouples are connected to Plataine’s software via a simple hardware infrastructure based on RFID tags and engraved bar-codes. Plataine’s software monitors TE W&C ‘s thermocouples’ location, status and duty-cycles to provide automated real-time alerts & recommendations to optimize thermocouple calibration, refurbishment or replacement. The Plataine/ TE W&C joint solution improves quality compliance, reduces the risk of using thermocouples that are no longer fit for purpose and eliminates manual tracking processes and production delays. A dedicated web page allows users to plan ahead for efficient thermocouple utilization.

Plataine’s solution is scalable, helping manufacturers go further in their Digital Journey, track and optimize all assets including raw materials, tools, work-in-progress and finished parts. Plataine weaves a web of Digital Threads from raw-material to end-product, allowing thermocouples to be paired to molds and parts for full traceability in the event of quality issues or audits.

Combining complementary technologies

Bob Canny, President at TE Wire & Cable says: “Combining TE Wire & Cable and Plataine’s technologies enables our customers to extract additional value from their thermocouples and enter the era of Industry 4.0. For our customers, this will result in increased efficiencies and cost savings in their autoclave manufacturing operations.”

Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine adds: “We are proud and excited to partner with TE Wire & Cable, jointly bringing to market the ‘Smart Thermocouple’ concept and revolutionizing a critical area of production, previously subject to manual data entry, lack of visibility and quality risks.”

More information www.plataine.com