Teijin to produce and market polycarbonate resin made from biomass-derived BPA 

Teijin Limited announced that it has received an ISCC PLUS sustainable-product certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system for biomass-derived bisphenol A (BPA) polycarbonate (PC) resin products produced in Japan. Teijin is the first Japanese company to obtain ISCC PLUS certification for the PC resin products. The newly certified biomass PC resin products offer the same physical characteristics as resins made of conventional petroleum-derived BPA, allowing them to be used in commercial applications such as automotive headlamps and electronic components.

Teijin to produce and market polycarbonate resin made from biomass-derived BPA 

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Beginning on January 30, Teijin, at the company’s Matsuyama and Mihara production sites in Japan, has started producing and marketing biomass PC resin products containing BPA made from biomass naphtha that was tracked with the mass-balance approach as well as the conventional PC resin products using petroleum-derived raw materials. Under the mass-balance approach method, materials are verifiably tracked through complex value chains, as in the case of biomass-derived raw materials being mixed with petroleum-derived raw materials to create products.

With the start of the environmentally friendly PC resin products, Teijin has launched a new product lineup called Circular Materials (CM) and the new biomass-derived PC resin products are now promoted under the names Panlite® CM and Multilon® CM.

Teijin’s PC resin products with ISCC PLUS certification:

Demands to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout supply chains in order to support carbon neutrality are rapidly increasing, creating needs for more environmentally low-impact products. Going forward, Teijin will continue to expand its lineup of environmentally friendly resin products and solutions that help to reduce GHG emissions and other impacts throughout product lifecycles, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world.

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