The winners of the 2021 JEC Composites Challenge, Startup Booster and Innovation Awards unveiled

The winners of the JEC Composites Innovation Awards, Startup Booster and Composites challenge have been revealed during the all-in-one Awards ceremony during JEC Composites Connect. These competitions reward the best cutting-edge and ingenious projects using composites to their full potential in different categories every year.

The winners of the 2021 JEC Composites Challenge, Startup Booster and Innovation Awards unveiled

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Composites Challenge is a competition of PhD sourced and selected for their research in the field of composites. They get the challenge of pitching their thesis in 5 minutes, using one slide, in front of a jury composed of industrial and academic experts. 10 PhDs were selected from all over the world for this edition, among the dozens of applications received.

WINNER: Gearóid CLANCY, University of Limerick
Sreading of carbon fibre/thermoplastic pre-preg tapes

Varying the width of prepreg tapes can eliminate defects in complex composite structures. Current methods struggle to produce doubly curved surfaces such as aircraft noses without gaps or overlaps. An improved method, utilized with automated tape placement, can spread prepreg tapes eliminating gaps and overlaps, boosting the efficiency of complex structures.

RUNNER-UP: Kelly CHANG, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Autonomous healing and indication of cracks in fiber-reinforced composites

They introduce an elegant pathway to reducing high maintenance costs by dispersing microcapsules containing a dye and liquid healing agent in their composites. These capsules can extend the lifespan of composites while alleviating the challenges associated with locating damage.


Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites. It enables companies to identify and assess innovations that may have a potential impact on their industry and complete their ongoing projects. Launched in 2017, Startup Booster has already fostered the emergence of 500+ innovative projects from 50+ countries, 60 finalists and 20 winners.

Continuous Composites (USA)

Composites is a disruptive startup with their patented composites manufacturing technology, Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®). CF3D® combines high performance continuous fiber with rapid curing thermoset resins to enable affordable manufacturing of complex composite structures. CF3D® is an industry agnostic automated solution comprised of configurable hardware, proprietary software, and tailorable materials solutions for strong, lightweight applications.

Elemental Coatings (USA)

Elemental Coatings has developed advanced anti-icing technology that prevents the buildup of ice on a variety of materials. We formulate coatings that look, feel, and function like normal paints, but have the remarkable property of making it very hard for ice to stick to surfaces. The coatings are highly customizable, leading to applications in aerospace, automotive, trucking, power transmission and generation, and the consumer space

CompPair (Switzerland)

CompPair Technologies Ltd. brings the first commercially available healable and sustainable composite materials, reducing repair time from hours to minutes and improving circularity. Composite parts can be fully repaired in place, multiple times, simply with heat. We provide a range of unique prepregs compatible with existing production lines of structural composites. Our technology acts during the whole lifetime of products, helping manufacturers, consumers, and the planet.


The JEC Composites Innovation Awards is a long-established and worldwide program with three simple goals: identifying, promoting, and rewarding the most innovative composite solutions in the world. Over the past 15 years, the JEC Innovation Program has involved 1,800 companies worldwide; 177 companies and 433 partners have been rewarded for their composite innovations’ excellence. The JEC Innovation Awards reward composites champions based on partner involvement in the value chain, technicality, or commercial applications of innovations.

The 2021 JEC Composites Innovation Awards winners have been rewarded for their innovative solutions in 7 categories:


Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Development of an ultra-lightweight CFRP solar plane

Development of an ultra-lightweight CFRP solar plane

An ultra-lightweight and high-strength composite structure for high-altitude, long- endurance flight. The thin-walled composite integral structure was realized by CFD and FEA.

Partners : SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Japan), Tokai University (Japan)

Key benefits:

  • High-flying force, securing wide areas for solar cell, lightweight and stiffness
  • Short-term development that makes full use of simulation
  • Thin-walled and hollow structure for primary structure
  • Thin-walled composite frame for secondary structure
  • 35 kg ultra-lightweight composite body

More information: www.carbonmagic.com


Pondus Operations bv (Netherlands)
Ebusco 3.0 series of city buses

Ebusco 3.0 series of city buses

A groundbreaking and unique series of electric buses created by a combination of different composite materials and technologies resulting in a series of real game changers in public transport.

Partners : 5M s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Acralock / Engineered Bonding Solutions GmbH (Austria), Alba tooling & engineering GmbH (Slovenia), Ebusco (Netherlands), Eurocarbon (Netherlands), Grunewald GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), HÜBERS Verfahrenstechnik Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany), Telene SAS (France)

Key benefits:

  • 33% weight reduction
  • Operational life span of the bus beyond 20 years
  • 500 km range on a single charge
  • Fully flat floor throughout the bus, increasing freedom of movement.
  • Reduced maintenance costs

More information: www.ebusco.com


BMW Group (Germany)
MINI John Cooper Works GP Carbon Spats

MINI John Cooper Works GP Carbon Spats

Without extensive body-in-white modifications 4 fender enlarging carbon spats are used in the MINI JCW GP limited edition. 5 USPs and cost-effective lightweight design are the key innovations.

Partners: A. Rathmayr GmbH (Germany), Karl Wörwag Lack- und Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Magna- Decoma Exterior Systems U.K. Ltd (UK), Multinorm (Germany), Pininfarina Deutschland GmbH (Germany), Rampf Production Systems GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Schneider Form (Germany), SGL Carbon (Germany), SIKA Automotive Hamburg GmbH (Germany), Wagner Maschinen- und Vorrichtungsbau GmbH (Germany)

Key benefits:

  • USP: CFRP HEXI Stitch appearance
  • USP: Transfer basecoat technology (haptic-free)
  • USP: Epoxy-CFRP/PC-ASA bonding
  • Lightweight
  • Exterior part numbering

More information: www.bmwgroup.com


ApATeCh (Russian Federation)
PCM span for railway bridges

PCM span for railway bridges

Standard solutions for the construction of spans for railway bridges with fundamentally new structural and technological concepts based on PCM.

Partners : LS Engineering (Netherlands), RJD (Russian Federation)

Key benefits:

  • Mobility of structures, possibility of multimodality during transportation
  • Environmental friendliness during production, installation, and operation
  • Reduction of energy consumption in comparison with standard structures
  • Ability to reduce costs at the stages of modernisation or revision of the span.
  • Life cycle costs for the PCM span is 1.6 times less than reinforced concrete.

More information: www.apatech.ru


Carbon Mobile GmbH (Germany)
Carbon 1 MK II Smartphone

Carbon 1 MK II Smartphone

The world’s first carbon fibre smartphone made possible through a revolutionary patented technology that solves the restrictive antenna, mechanical and thermal properties associated with the material.

Partners : Lanxess-Bond Laminates (Germany), Modern Composites Limited (Hong Kong)

Key benefits:

  • Sustainable: Built with recyclable materials and less than 5% plastic parts
  • The lightest and slimmest smartphone available
  • Easily repairable monocoque design
  • A unique, futuristic yet timeless Bauhaus design
  • No compromise on spec, ensuring great performance for the user

More information: www.carbonmobile.com


Anybrid GmbH (Germany)
CFRP-based robotised injection moulding machine

CFRP-based robotised injection moulding machine

A unique and flexibly moving injection moulding machine realised by the use of CFRP. It results in new approaches for the design and production of lightweight parts in multi-material design.

Partners : Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology, TU Dresden (Germany)

Key benefits:

  • Flexible manufacturing system
  • Individualised product design
  • Smallest plant and mould sizes
  • Economic production for small quantities
  • Easy integration into production lines

More information: www.anybrid.de


Covestro Deutschland AG (Germany)
PU-based composite for offshore wind turbine rotor blades

PU-based composite for offshore wind turbine rotor blades

A polyurethane-based composite for more productive offshore wind turbine blades with new development opportunities for radar interference mitigation and high performance, environmental coatings.

Partner: Trelleborg Group (UK)

Key benefits:

  • High productivity in manufacturing
  • Lighter, longer, more durable blades
  • Mitigating wind turbine radar interference
  • Low emission, high-performance coatings
  • Potential higher AEP, lower LCoE

More information: www.covestro.com

More information www.jeccomposites-connect.events