Toyoda Gosei launches large high pressure hydrogen tank for commercial vehicles

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has launched a large high pressure hydrogen tank. The needs for these large tanks is expected to grow for the use on the fuel cell trucks that run on hydrogen.

Toyoda Gosei launches large high pressure hydrogen tank for commercial vehicles

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The new tanks are used in the mass-market light-duty fuel cell electric trucks that are being brought to the market by Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT)*, backed by Toyota Motor Corporation, Isuzu Motors Limited, and others.

These newly-developed large tanks can be filled with about eight times as much hydrogen as the passenger fuel cell vehicle tanks** Toyoda Gosei produces for the Toyota Mirai (the second generation model), which are installed in the rear of that vehicle. In developing the larger tanks, Toyoda Gosei applied the technology for high-efficiency storage of hydrogen the company and Toyota Motor had refined in the tanks for the Mirai.

These tanks are a crucial component of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs), with the:

  • Development of a plastic tank material with a special molecular structure that prevents the permeation of hydrogen
  • Selection of the best material (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) to make the pressure resistance layer thinner
  • Designing a way to wrap the plastic tank with carbon fiber reinforced plastic to increase strength
  • Shorter processing time and fewer defects by reviewing the welding method for the plastic tank

Leveraging our know-how in materials, design, and process methods, we increased the storage efficiency by more than 10% compared with the high pressure hydrogen tanks in the first generation Mirai.

CJPT’s mass market small fuel cell truck

Delivery trucks travel long distances and make multiple deliveries each day, and so need to have a long driving range and fast refueling. Fuel cell trucks meet these needs and are expected to come into greater use. Toyoda Gosei will contribute to a hydrogen society through the development and production of hydrogen tanks that are a crucial component of fuel cell vehicles.

* Established in April 2021 as a company that plans CASE technologies and services for commercial vehicles. It not only contributes to a carbon-neutral society but also addresses issues in the transportation industry, such as alleviating driver and worker burden.
** Developed jointly with Toyota and produced at Toyoda Gosei’s Inabe Plant since November 2020.

Toyoda Gosei’s efforts for a hydrogen society
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