Trayecto, the trucking company in Mexico expands its natural gas truck fleet with Hexagon Agility’s fuel systems

Hexagon Agility, a eading provider of renewable and compressed natural gas (RNG/CNG) transportation solutions, announced today that Trayecto, the largest cargo trucking company in Mexico, has ordered additional KenMex compressed natural gas (CNG) powered trucks with Hexagon Agility’s best-in-class ProCab® 175 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) and ProRail® 30 DGE fuel systems.

Trayecto, the trucking company in Mexico expands its natural gas truck fleet with Hexagon Agility’s fuel systems

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Transportation is responsible for almost 20% of annual CO2 emissions globally. Reduction in fleet emissions is urgent. Hexagon Agility’s best-in-class ProCab 175 and ProRail 30 CNG fuel systems with integrated Blue iQ® provide a driving range on par with counterpart diesel trucks, enabling Trayecto to utilize CNG, and obtain its environmental benefits, without sacrificing performance. With more than 70,000 vehicles on the road globally and over 30 years of experience, our priority has always been and remains to develop and deliver world class solutions that meet today’s day and sleeper cab operational needs.

“We are dedicated to helping our customers make the transition to clean fuels, ensuring reliability and cost savings in mission-critical fleet operations,” said Eric Bippus, Hexagon Agility’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “Grupo Transportes Monterrey is a long-time customer of ours and we are excited to continue our partnership with Trayecto as they leverage the benefits of CNG to improve the sustainability of their fleet operations.”

Prior to this order, Trayecto had been operating over 300 CNG tractors in its fleet of 4,000 trucks throughout Latin America. Trayecto was recently formed when Alianza Trayecto, Grupo Larmex and Grupo Transportes Monterrey merged to further strategic collaboration in the transport sector. Today, ten percent of its fleet runs on CNG with commitment to further replace diesel tractors with new CNG tractors equipped with Hexagon Agility’s fuel systems.

“Our goal is to address the challenge of decarbonization and implement technologies like natural gas where it makes sense,” said Jorge Casares, CEO of Trayecto. “Hexagon Agility has been instrumental over the last decade helping Grupo Transportes Monterrey transition diesel trucks to reduce our carbon footprint with natural gas. We value our partnership and look forward to many years of delivering safe and reliable transportation throughout Latin America.”

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